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On: 26 Jul 2017

PFH Technology Group is a partner with Microsoft and provides Dynamics, including Dynamics365, to customers as its CRM solution.

“Every business needs a digital transformation strategy in order to survive and thrive in this new world. And every digital transformation needs intelligent business applications,” said PFH’s head of business solutions, Jessica McIlwaine.

As the moniker 365 implies, Dynamics365 is all about online, with the cloud at the centre of the Microsoft strategy for supporting digital transformation.

McIlwaine said that digital transformation is the most important thing that will happen in 2017.

“Microsoft Dynamics365 is built for digital transformation, she added.

The meaning of the term has remained somewhat elusive; however, McIlwaine said that the real meaning was to use digital technologies to engage with customers, assess rivals and find profit in smaller and more competitive markets.

“Dynamics365 provides all organisations, large and small, with end-to-end intelligent, fully integrated, cloud based business applications. These applications work seamlessly together to manage specific business processes across sales, customer service, field service, operations, project service automation and marketing,” she said.

Prospect 365 is another CRM product that prides itself on having the flexibility to meet businesses where they are while also guiding the toward transformation.


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