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ICT Managed Services

Your organisation’s ICT network is key for your business growth.

Today’s “always on” environment means that ‘system unavailability’ is not acceptable and your IT functions are obligated to monitor and manage, day and night.

As you deal with the challenges of ever-growing complexity and overlapping services, having a partner to expertly monitor and manage critical platforms and services is crucial.

PFH’s outsourcing solution uses best-practice specialisations to improve both service quality and customer satisfaction, allowing you to focus on improving your own organisation’s services. We help you manage IT service delivery costs through a tiered support structure, while minimising downtime and disruption.

What We Offer

PFH provides complete IT Managed Services, Cloud, Security, Infrastructure and Communications solutions across a variety of vertical markets, enabling clients like you to grow efficiently and operate with agility. Key Managed Services categories include:

  • Remote Workforce
  • Service Management Automation
  • Systems Management & Maintenance
  • Service Management & Reporting

Transform the quality of your IT services by leveraging our proven Managed ICT Services, which follow the industry best practice ITIL® model and verified by our externally audited ISO 20000 and 27001 certifications for IT Service Management and Information Security Management System respectively. underpinned by an organisation and engineering pool accredited to the highest levels across all the major ICT platforms and backed by direct vendor support.

You can enjoy a tiered support structure to help you manage your costs and you’ll have the ability to rapidly scale up…and down as you require.

Our approach involves an end-to-end user experience that is completely detailed and customised to meet your organisation’s requirements.

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