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Meeting your needs through optimised services.

No matter what type of industry you are in, you will need methods to consume, govern, and run your IT storage optimally.

As these services require greater flexibility, an approach that ensures these are managed while accounting for growth and performance is crucial.

PFH’s commitment to excellence allows businesses to manage growth and optimise your storage investment performance. You can avail of extensive expertise that will manage your storage solutions and ensure that all data is secure.

We provide ongoing monitoring, provisioning and reporting of storage systems, allowing customers to make strategic decisions that benefit their business.

What you can expect from PFH:

  • Constant 24/7 monitoring of your storage environment alongside proactive alerting for any issues detected
  • Maximised ROI by increasing your storage efficiency, improving performance and optimising your storage environment
  • Reducing risks by adopting ITIL best practices to ensure storage efficiency, controlled growth and sustained optimal performance
  • Monthly reporting as well as live monitoring and reporting.


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