Bring your business to the cloud, with PFH and AWS
Cloud Assessment

Bring your business to the cloud, with PFH and AWS

There are many different drivers to initiate a journey to the cloud:

  • Rising costs
  • Staff and skills shortages
  • Security threats
  • and the ever-changing face of Innovation and Technologies.

At PFH, we understand that you need more than just cost savings and efficiency solutions. You want to be able to move faster and transform customer experiences. You want to digitally transform and modernise your businesses and to re-invest cost savings to drive new innovations and business models.

Together with Amazon Web Services we have developed a Cloud Migration Assessment program to help you assess your organisation’s needs and goals and to design an approach that will enable your transformation journey to the cloud.

Key benefits of the Cloud Migration Assessment:

  1. AWS structured approach used in hundreds of client migration projects
  2. Discovery and advanced analytics to give a true picture of your migration potential
  3. Total Cost of Ownership Analysis
  4. Discover funding options to take your migration to the next stage
  5. Business case presentation to leverage internally.

Find out more about our Cloud Migration Assessment and speak to our dedicated team of AWS experts today to explore how we can bring your business to the cloud.

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