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Green IT Procurement

The race for sustainable IT procurement is underway and PFH recognises the benefits of a green end-to-end approach ‘for the planet’, which is why we are committed to taking a proactive approach to sustainability.

A greener supply chain from manufacturing plants to the final intended usage location is in everybody’s interests and we know that more and more of you are demanding that sustainable IT solutions be in place. We work with manufacturers to ensure the best approach. Key elements include:

Green Manufacturing Partners 

The purchase of technology carries varying degrees of carbon footprint, therefore we choose our manufacturers carefully in order to ensure that we are attentive to protecting the environment. Their strong environmental approach and commitment to sustainability means you get the benefit of devices manufacture with minimised negative environmental impact.

Green Refurbishment & Recycling

This is an important stage in the PFH Green Logistics Path, our sustainable approach to creating long-term value for clients like you. We’ll advise and assist you on options to suit your organisation. Should you refurbish and then reuse your devices? or should you donate or recycle? We partner with Wisetek, a global leader in IT asset disposal [ITAD] for green refurbishment and secure data destruction worldwide. This allows you to receive the full potential of your product portfolio and maximum return from these assets. 

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A greener supply chain is in everybody’s interests, which is why we are committed to taking a proactive approach to sustainability. It’s a key part of our business processes and culture.

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