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IT Procurement

Leading, large corporate and public sector organisations trust PFH, Ireland’s premier ICT solutions and services company, with all their IT procurement needs. We have helped organisations source, transform and manage their technology infrastructure, nationally and internationally, by supplying more than 100,000 devices, with services, in the last 12 months.

Our 360° Approach

Whether you are an FDI company setting up in Ireland, a public sector organisation or a well-established indigenous enterprise player, PFH will eliminate risk and helps you achieve more. Using our expertise we leverage the experience of our 700+ strong workforce to enable organisations grow quickly, drive greater efficiencies, ensure greater productivity and reduce complexity and costs. We continue to invest in digital and online buying models and currently have key global partnerships with over 100 vendors. To ensure our clients needs are met we manage logistics and shipping to over 80 countries.

Our people are our focus and are central to helping you via PFH’s IT Procurement Services Model. We put emphasis on building relationships to ensure our team of professionals provide you with the best ‘solutions’ approach.

Why PFH? 

We ensure that business value is being created with effective IT procurement. Our capacity for skill, know-how and scale will help your business and IT work closer together to achieve real competitive advantage.

  • We look after you during the entire IT Procurement process with an effective lifecycle management approach to help grow your organisation 
  • We work with all the leading technology manufacturers to ensure that you get the most suitable hardware and software solutions. Simply source all of your product solutions from one, leading technology partner
  • International, end-to-end, 24/7 logistics services with an IT partner that you can trust to deliver impact…one that has the added advantages of its own warehousing and logistics network.
  • The benefits of a green end-to-end approach committed to taking a proactive approach to sustainability. 

Key Partners

Choosing the right partners is essential for effective transformation, which is one of the reasons why our clients trust us to provide them with powerful digital technology solutions. We align with world-leading technology partners to ensure they enjoy state-of-the-art solutions.

Lenovo Platinum Partner
Apple Authorised Reseller
Dell Technologies
Microsoft Surface

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