Voyager Free 60 UC SERIES – Made For Work, Music AND More

Voyager Free 60 UC SERIES – Made For Work, Music AND More

Tune into a world full of sound and free of noise with the Voyager free 60 UC earbuds. Whether you're on a video call or into your playlists these wireless earbuds are designed to keep you productive connected and entertained. Each bus has a three mic array that triangulates on your voice and minimises surrounding noise so you're always loud and clear. Combined with hybrid and adaptive Active Noise Canceling (ANC, and advanced noise blocked algorithms ensures crystal clear audio on both sides of the call.

Designed for all day wear, these buds are lightweight, come with 3 sizes of conical-shaped ear tips engineered for maximum comfort, and advanced side tone technology that keeps you aware of how loud you are speaking so you aren’t straining your voice. And you can easily control your experience with a touchscreen charge case (Voyager Free 60+ UC) that extends battery life, displays call information, seamlessly switches between input devices and even wirelessly connects to inflight entertainment. Your IT team will also appreciate that they are optimized and certified to work with top virtual meeting platforms, come with intuitive apps and can be centrally managed from anywhere in the world.

Enjoy clear calls and listening to music, games and movies with Poly’s legendary audio performance and noise blocking innovations.
• View your status, charge your earbuds, and control your meetings, calls, and music with the touchscreen charge case. (Voyager Free 60+ UC)
•Go all day without realizing you are wearing them with 3 conical-shaped ear tips designed for maximum comfort.
• Make your IT team happy with certifications from top virtual meeting providers, iPhone and Android apps, and Poly Lens Cloud software for centralized device management, insights and analytics.