On: 24 May 2017

Chris Casey, Services Director at PFH discusses the WannaCry Ransomware attack with Emmet Ryan of the Sunday Business Post. Read extract below:

That doesn’t downplay the amount of damage it caused, and according to Chris Casey, Services Director at PFH Technology Group, there is still much to worry about such an attack.

“This [attack] is a little bit different in the philosophy and how its severity was unanticipated,” he said.

“[It was a] small unorganised band of people, but it shows you what you can do with unorganised people.

“If you had time to think it through and didn’t put kill switches in it, how fast would it have run? I think the biggest and most worrying thing is the velocity it travelled across the globe, bringing large organisations down, ones which you would expect to be secure.

“The one thing I would say, this is not the IT businesses trying to scaremonger people to buy stuff, this is real. It’s not the IT business crying wolf. I think the wolf has come to the door and is sitting there so we need to be very vigilant, close that door and lock him out.”

“These [criminals] are very smart people,” said Casey.

“Don’t in any way misjudge their technical capabilities; they are very, very intelligent. These are organised criminals and they know what they’re doing. Now they’re exploiting it for money, whereas previously, it was more a hobby to attack systems, now it has a cash element to it and now it’s a different scenario.

“The last line of defence is your back-up, but the first line of defence is prevention.”

Overall, keep vigilant, and, as Casey says, experiencing such an attack is now as much a certainty as death or taxes.

“As sure as taxes, there’s always another attack coming,” he said. “It’s all about getting your systems into place.”