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We Now Live In A Subscription Economy…But What Does That Mean?

The Subscription Economy, like The Cloud, is here and here to stay.  We may not think about it too much, but over the past few years we are signing up to services that deliver products we previously chose to purchase outright. Very rarely do we now purchase physical items such as DVD’s and CD’s. We have become more mindful regarding the items we own. In cities like Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway you don’t even need to own a bike anymore, you simply subscribe to a service.

In 2017 the term Subscription Economy will be raised more and more in business conversations due to the fact that as individuals we are now comfortable with purchasing products and services via a subscription model.

At an individual level we have embraced companies such as Netflix and Spotify for our entertainment needs, SKY and BT are subscribed to for our sports interests and of course we have always subscribed to domestic services such as refuse collection and electricity.

At PFH we believe we now live in a Subscription Economy where I.T. can also be delivered similar to a utility, specifically productivity solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 as well as Managed Services.

The shift in approach to how IT companies must now sell has had second somewhat positive impact, because now the pressure is on to not just make the upfront sale but also to keep the customer for a considerable length of time.

In a Subscription Economy relationships are key, thus the advent of the “Customer Success Manager”, who is tasked with working with newly acquired customers to make sure they are receiving the best possible service.

If the customer is happy then they won’t move.

Microsoft have done a fantastic job with Office 365, as the solution lends itself perfectly to the Subscription Economy. Companies now have the flexibility to move their on-premise version of MS Office into the cloud which gives them not just the great products they have been using for the past decade but also added benefits that can only be delivered via the cloud such as Mobilty, like the old Martini ad, anytime, anyplace anywhere. Online Collaboration, with the ability to have multiple users working on a single document at the same time, Communication, Skype for business is a great tool for running video calls and online meetings.

Aside from the productivity benefits, Office 365 really allows companies maximise their technology investments by now having regular, predictable expenses, license scalability, regular software updates, access to expert technical support and have everyone on the same version of the software.

Here at PFH we are “leaning in” toward the Cloud and all it encompasses, especially the Subscription Economy.

Our solutions are scalable and our Managed Services offering, which allows us to monitor client’s IT systems from our Operations Centre, has been developed over a number of years and can be adapted to any client topography. Our clients like the value proposition we offer for support services plus the security we deliver.

Our upcoming seminars on Microsoft Office 365 are designed to inform and educate companies on the benefits of moving to a subscription model and how PFH can help. The seminars are taking place on Thursday 23rd March 2017 at the Envisioning Centre at Microsoft’s Dublin facility. There will be two sessions: 10.30am and 2.00pm. Each session will cover a complete overview of Office 365 and our MS O365 presenters will showcase the great benefits of the O365 suite of applications. These sessions are a must for anyone thinking of moving to a Subscription Model for their I.T. systems.

I’ll be in attendance myself and will be happy to discuss the shift to the Subscription Economy and all the benefits that it brings.

This is the second time these session shave been run by PFH & Microsoft and the previous event was very well received so please ensure to book your seat early by mailing training@pfh.ie.


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EU removal of Geoblocks spells good news for Subscription Economy

EU removal of Geoblocks spells good news for Subscription Economy

Friday 10 February 2017

Darren Sexton, Head of Inside Sales at PFH, discusses the removal of Geoblocks & its impact on the Subscription Economy.
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