Plantronics launch new Blackwire series - Our Review

Plantronics recently launched the Blackwire 5200 Series (binaural) and Blackwire 3200 Series (monaural) headsets.

These are the latest innovation from the audio communications developer’s range of corded headsets.

With new updated designs, professional-grade audio and a range of product choices at varying price points, the new Blackwire headsets connect to laptops, PC’s and smartphones for flexible communication.



Plantronics Back to Black - Copy.png

When you need to wear a headset all day, it needs to be comfortable. With this latest launch, Plantronics has you covered in the utmost of comfort.

Ergonomically designed, it's comfortable enough to wear all day, on your longest calls.

A lightweight cushioned metal headband offers durability and custom fit. Whilst soft, conforming ear cushions provide further comfort.

To make it easier for you to work anywhere in the office, it also gives you the freedom to plug into the compatible device of your choice.

Sharp and sleek in appearance, the Blackwire Series is finished with a crisp black colour that is perfectly enunciated with a hint of deep red details. A patterned design on the ear cups ensure you are taking (or making!) calls in style.


Technical Features

Today's workplace can be noisy and filled with distractions. With the Blackwire Series, you'll be able to hear and be heard more clearly, enjoy conversation privacy and be more productive.

The ear cushions provide passive noise cancelling, while a precisely tuned microphone with flexible boom filters masks nearby conversations.

The headset is controlled by a slick control ‘panel’ midway through the cord.Plantronics Blackwire Control panel

Dedicated, customizable mute settings allow you to take calls confidently, ensuring you’re always heard. Inline indicator lights alert the user to incoming calls, mute and volume status.

But one of the coolest features is Dynamic EQ, a feature that automatically adjusts audio settings between voice calls and music.

Take note though, there is some differences between the 5200 and 3200 series.

The binaural 5200 series also includes:

- Dynamic mute alert, ensuring optimal productivity by sensing and alerting users via an in-ear whisper when they are trying to talk while muted
- User-friendly audio prompts with language customization
- SoundGuard Digital enabled by Plantronics Hub software provides additional advanced acoustic limiting protection, measures and controls sound to prevent the average daily noise exposure from exceeding 80dBA or 85dBA (per user choice) and anti-startle protection which detects and eliminates sudden increases in sound
- A redesigned headband influenced by the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC design



One of the more appealing factors of the latest range is the option to purchase these headsets with a USB or USB-C connection.

The USB-C connection is the emerging standard for charging and transferring data. Right now, it’s included in devices like the newest laptops, phones, and tablets and given time it’ll spread to pretty much everything that currently uses the older, larger USB connector.


The Blackwire family of products are designed for people whose work demands that they are connected to their computer or smartphone with the flexibility to switch between devices.

The Blackwire Series is designed to work with popular software applications such as Cisco Jabber, Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams across PC’s, laptops and smartphones with a headphone jack.

At PFH, we currently have a try-before-you-buy offer available to our customers. For a limited time only, our customer can test both the Blackwire 5200 (binaural) and the Blackwire 3200 headsets (monaural). Book a time here.




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