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Choosing the correct device for your employees

Mobility at work is paramount.

Customers do not always know what they require from a new laptop and often ask us which device is best to buy.

With the advent of the Subscription Economy many companies are now moving their productivity tools to the cloud. Solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 allow users access to their key data regardless of their location and as the data is stored in the cloud it eliminates the risk of loss if the device is lost or broken,

Mobility is key and It’s important that users have the correct device to do their job properly. 

As there are so many different makes and models available we advise customers to use a checklist to understand the functionality their user will need from the device.

To assist you in your decision-making process, the ITQuickQuotes.ie team at PFH have compiled a checklist to use when purchasing a new employee device.


1. Weight

How mobile is your employee?

What percentage of their week is taken up by travel? Do they spend much time in Airports or hotels?

If an employee is moving around a lot, ideally, they should have a lightweight device...

Our field-based staff, are issued with lightweight Notebooks and / or tablets with attachable keyboards. It’s important that an organisation considers whether a laptop or tablet is more suitable. 

Desktops are still popular for office based staff. However,  organisations should consider the mobility requirements of their staff, even if only to allow them run upstairs to a team meeting.

Office-based managers generally prefer a laptops as it increases mobility which enables them to present to their teams from various locations.


2. Value for money

The trend for laptops is the higher the price, the better the laptop. 
But’s what better for one person may not be better for another

What’s important is that the user has the right device for their needs.

What computing power does the user really need?
For example, Microsoft Office applications and email will not need a high-end processor which can help reduce the purchase costs.

Buying multiple units can also help to manage IT spend.

If an organization is planning to expand their workforce then they can request a “special bid” from the vendor to secure better pricing.

The vendor is happy to oblige as this increases the stickiness of the customer.

3. Computing Power 

The computing power of a device should be carefully selected to suit the needs of each employee.

Different business functions will have different needs.

Factors such as processor, memory, storage, screen quality, battery and networking should all be considered.

Finance teams may need extra storage for Excel files and a privacy filter for their monitor.

Whilst an engineering will need a higher-end processor with extra RAM to run powerful applications to carry out their work. 

The person responsible for purchasing IT equipment should consider what the device is used for and make a choice based on this.

If you are unsure, a quick call to an expert at ITQuickQuotes will help you with your choice.


Of course, these are just guidelines.

At PFH we have several strategic partnerships with vendors to provide the best price to our customers.  

Since ITQuickQuotes.ie was launched earlier this year, our team have found that many customers submit enquires with general guidelines... some prefer a certain brand, others need a certain amount of RAM.  

If you are considering purchasing new IT equipment why not submit a request detailing your requirements, our ITQuickQuotes.ie team have years of experience and can help suggest the right device for your needs.. 


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