3 Considerations when purchasing Employee Mobile Phones

Purchasing a mobile phone for an employee can be quite costly. An initial investment of the device is followed by monthly network provider bills, insurance cover plus maintenance and upgrade costs.

Generally, organisations are too scared to take the leap and who could blame them with all the above.

With that in mind, we created this list of considerations to keep in mind as you determine whether the benefit of the mobile phone will outweigh the cost.

  1. The Mobile Employee

Salespeople and executives frequently travel on company business.

Travel might be across the country, too another country or just across town. In any case, they must be reachable if they're going to be able to service customers, manage the business and make quick decisions.

In today’s online Internet culture, customers and employees expect rapid responses to their needs more than ever. A mobile phone provides this and will give you an advantage over your competition.

Ask yourself how many ‘mobile’ employees you have? And how often they are out on the road.

  1. On Call After Hours

If you’re a company like us who provide a service out of normal working hours, then a mobile phone is essential for your employees.

When an urgent situation arises, employees who are on call will need to be contacted quickly. Time is critical and a company mobile phone will help you contact that employee immediately.

Does your organisation offer an ‘out-of-hours’ service? If so, consider whether your employees need a mobile device to ensure quick contact can be made.

  1. Be Careful when setting a Precedent

When you begin allocating company mobile phones to employees, it’s safe to say that other employees will start asking for one.

It is important to set out rules and guidelines to follow so animosity and resentment does not set in amongst employees who do not receive one.

An organisation should create a guideline so that only ‘mobile’ staff who are out on the road should get one.


Of course, these are just considerations, our advice is to always purchase based on your requirements and your budget.

Throughout 2017, PFH has dispatched thousands of mobile phones to organisations across Ireland.

The reason being is that our phones come unlocked, SIM free and ultimately, we are cost effective.

Still not ready to make the leap?

Why not make contact with us to discuss your needs.



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