Cyber Security Training for Users
Cyber Security Training

Cyber Security Training for Users

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Duration 10am - 1 Hour
Price €150

Course Content

1 Day delivered as 3 hours x 2 modules.

This course is aimed at at existing users of Excel who are at a basic level already or a bit out of practice or “self-taught”. It is ideal for building confidence and skill. Topics will be demonstrated by the trainer and attendees will be given practice examples(s).

An elementary knowledge of Excel is required – or attendance on our Introduction course.

This course will develop Excel skills to improve efficiency. We will “fine tune” the use of common tasks and short cuts. This course will prepare you for attendance at the Excel Intermediate course.

At the end you will:

  • Have expanded your knowledge of Excel’s formulae functions.
  • Control display format of data using conditional formats
  • Use filters to search for information
  • Use charts to analyse data