Surface For Business

Surface For Business

Surface is designed for flexible work, it is versatile and adaptable with high powered productivity, consistent for IT and secure for all.


Thoughtfully designed, Surface means quality. After meticulous testing, Surface has been made using materials that are best in class with both sustainability and accessibility goals are ingrained in this design process.


Surface hardware optimizes the in-app and Windows OS accessibility experience with high-quality microphones for dictation, video camera for eye control, and intuitive multi-touch screens that make UI interactions more tactile and natural.


Surface transforms to your way of doing things, flexing to your style of work. Whether it be laptop, studio mode, tablet or working on a dual screen, surface provides device experience that adapts to you.
With exceptional accessories, enhancing your hybrid work experience is now easier than ever. with a range of first-party and third-party accessories that work with Surface devices.


Surface offers powerful productivity, allowing professionals to get it done quickly, comfortably and confidently in their own unique way. From apps to professional-grade software, Surface devices can do it all with the latest processors and the storage you need with all-day battery life, no excuses.