Stop “hoping” you won’t get hit by Ransomware.
Most Security Consultants agree, companies need to adopt an “assumption of breach” mentality if they are to implement a successful IT Security policy.
At some stage, someone will get through your layered defence.
Facts tell us that most organisations in 2017 will face some form of breach whether it comes from external attacks or insider threats… How do you best mitigate this threat?
At PFH we also advocate a layered approach to your security posture and in our experience Heimdal is the most effective last line of defence when it comes to Ransomware.
  • Heimdal works Proactively to block ransomware before it has a chance to encrypt your data;
  • Heimdal is backed by Live Intelligence Data Regarding Cybercriminal Activity
  • Heimdal works with your Existing Security Solutions to scan your data and provide the last line of defence

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