PFH announced as HP’s First Device as A Service partner in Ireland

PFH announced as HP’s First Device as A Service partner in Ireland

From professional services and banking to healthcare, HP's innovative Device as a Service (DaaS) model is revolutionising how enterprises deploy and manage hardware - saving money and increasing security.

PFH Technology Group has been announced as HP’s first Device as a Service partner in Ireland. The team at PFH are renowned for delivering best-in-class IT customer-centric solutions for over 30 years.

John Hourican, sales director at PFH, explained how DaaS can empower IT teams across industries. “No IT team faces the same challenges, especially those in different industries. But what does unite them are concerns around security and device management.

‘The need to upgrade outdated IT infrastructure is the biggest driver of budget increases in 2020 and that end user computing both in relation to devices and the related supporting infrastructure tops the list driven by business process and system investments.”

In fact, according to a PFH recent study on the lifetime of tech in the workplace, desktops are the primary computing device in 68 percent of companies, compared to only 29 per cent using laptops and l per cent using tablets as the primary device for employees. This is where DaaS comes in.

Choosing a partner like PFH and HP for DaaS offers customers a one—stop secure solution to all your hardware and lifecycle services. By offloading the time-consuming tasks of device support, security, and lifecycle management, your team is free to focus on other priority projects that benefit your bottom line. A one price per device brings cost predictability and optimised cashflow, and fleet flexibility enables you to scale up or down to meet changing working demands.

“DaaS has far-reaching benefits across all industries, simplifying IT and maximizing resources,” Hourican said. “We believe the service can optimise operations in professional service type industries.” We look at the specific benefits for the financial sector.

Supports banking and finance industry priorities

With the two-headed challenged of increased security demands from consumers and a call for more convenient products and services, a new approach to IT banking leadership is all but mandatory. In EY’s Global Banking Outlook 2019: Pivotal Toward an Innovation-Led Strategy, 85 percent of banks named implementation of digital transformation programme a top priority. But financial institutions face legacy hurdles in transforming their internal processes.

The EY report then goes on to identify the successful mix of elements required for internal transformation. “Leading organisations will seek internal simplification aggressively and increase their use of external utilities, platforms and managed services where possible.”

DaaS helps address these challenges by giving banking organisations room to boost their efficiency and free up IT resources to work on initiatives that benefit their customers. Opting for standardised devices also makes managing multiple operating systems easier and more secure. This way banking organisations, from corporate to retail locations, can operate to their full potential without worrying about unmanaged devices or unsecured endpoints.

HP DaaS aligns with industry best practice for companies in today s security-conscious environment, including customisation, customer-orientated focus and 24-hour, seven-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year availability and support.

PFH & HP DaaS provide:

– Predictable monthly costs and optimised cash flow – thanks to one price per device

– Business continuity and asset protection

– Visibility at the device level through proactive endpoint analytics

– Management services and actionable analytics, allowing IT to address device health concerns before they became larger issues

– Greater IT support for remote and branch offices, without needing an IT person on-site always

– Automation of software downloads and updates across devices from a single control unit, which can improve internal productivity and end-user experience.

– Flexibility through simple adjustable plans that scale up or down to meet your changing IT environment and workforce


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