Microsoft Sustainable Product Lifecycle Approach

Microsoft Sustainable Product Lifecycle Approach

Microsoft is accelerating progress toward a more sustainable future by lessening their environmental footprint, research, helping our customers build sustainable solutions and advocating for policies that benefit the environment.


Designing with circularity in mind
The ‘take, make, and waste’ model of electronics is no longer viable. That is why Microsoft design products with the circular economy in mind, meaning they follow a ‘reduce, reuse, and recover’ model. Designing for circularity minimizes waste and extends the lifespan of their devices for as long as possible.


Integrity built in
The integrity they build into their products is the reason they share them with the world. Meaning Microsoft design process focuses on building products of the highest quality, with a responsible supply chain that meets higher ethical and environmental standards. Integrity also means their commitment to transparency on the impact of their products and supply chain.


Reducing carbon impact
Microsoft’s Surface devices are integral to achieving the company’s commitment to be a carbon negative company. To achieve this, they are improving efficiency in several areas, including operations, devices, software, and supply chain. We are also delivering technology to help customers measure and manage their carbon emissions more effectively.