At PFH we look after your IT systems, whether located locally or in the cloud, so you can focus on your business. After years of experience, we have developed a suite of Managed Service offerings based on an acute understanding of what our customers need to enhance their business operations. Our contribution to your enterprise is to deliver a tailored Managed Service that meets your exact requirements – we suit your needs; you don’t change to suit ours. We provide services including installation, administration, monitoring, refreshing, maintenance, design and helpdesk assistance which can be facilitated onsite, remotely, or both. As a result of significant investments in our service desk, operations centre, personnel, processes and quality systems, we aim to ensure clients’ expectations are met and exceeded by our valued, flexible service.



Managed Services


Managed Cloud


Talent Acquisition & Development


We excel at providing expert resources for project or team augmentation requirements on a contract or permanent basis.

Our key expertise is that, with over 30 years delivering projects and services, we know how to ensure that the right resources are placed for the right work.


Finding the right talent at the right time can be difficult especially as the Irish IT market is growing. We strive to deliver quality resources for our clients even at short notice. With our vast database of skilled individuals and our own resources, we offer you access to a large pool of experienced IT professionals. 

From our permanent and contract teams we provide resources on a planned as well as on short notice basis for the delivery of projects, ongoing support and systems administration engagements across a wide range of technologies and competencies. We provide resources that are highly experienced and coming from our own staff or regularly used contract teams.



  • Leverage the expertise of a company that deliver complex projects and services to find and provide highly skilled resources for your requirements;
  • Dedicated resourcing team focused on talent acquisition and development
  • Flexible arrangements to ensure required resources are there when you need them
  • Management of resources to ensure continuity of availability and quality of work



Our expert team work with you to identify your requirements, define the scope of the engagement, then commence the process for talent acquisition.  Depending on the scope of the engagement we can scale to deliver:

  • Resource Provision Management:  Development of rolling resource plans with a single point of contact for all service management administration and control Service management
  • Resource forecasting & Balancing: Working with you to forecast requirements and identify needs to ensure that resources are available and capable;
  • Expert recruitment and verification services: dedicated resources to identifying and source external candidates where internal resources are insufficient (i.e. pools of labour for deployment projects etc.) that understand the ICT Infrastructure business and are adept at ensuring valid resources are provided
  • Resource training, development and retention: continuous programmes with our personnel to ensure that they are developed in line with changing technology so as to continually add value back to our customers.



Quality resources in a managed framework to meet your project or staffing demands. 

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Service Desk


User support is the lynchpin that connects the efficiency of your business to the delivery of effective IT. When users are unable to operate their IT effectively, your business is impacted. PFH's ICT Service Desk delivers essential first response services to our clients and provides the level of satisfaction users expect with their IT systems.

PFH has been administering such solutions for over 20 years. We have implemented custom configurations to clients including dedicated shared, onsite and offsite service desks. PFH ensures that the service desks are staffed by the right quality and quantity of resources and managed against relevant KPIs, which is vital to any organisation. Our service operations are based on ISO 20000 and 9001 standards

These operations can be configured to suit any organisation, whatever its size or requirements. We have cemented our expertise in establishing and managing dedicated shared onsite and offsite service desks with skilled personnel and with escalation to both specialist resolution groups and management direction. Our assistance can extend to desk side support and field break/fix teams, while our key performance measures will inform us on how we continuously improve service levels and build knowledge management solutions.


  • Access a structured service desk, 24x7, for expert end user support services delivered to agreed service levels;
  • Reduced costs over internal services;
  • Increased service availability.



  • Fully staffed service desk at our operations centre using the latest in cloud, telecommunications and incident management systems;
  • Nationwide service team for local service delivery to support service operations;
  • KPI and SLA driven services tightly management to ISO Standards;
  • Highly skilled, trained and certified service desk agents up to senior level.


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Field Engineering


PFH has one of the largest field service teams in Ireland which is in excess of 50 engineers based across the 32 counties covering all your IT support requirements.  Our Field Engineering team provide the onsite element of  our maintenance and support operations as well offering installation and configuration services to our customers.

With our engineers strategically placed in areas across Ireland, we can reach any location for onsite support. We can offer various fixed service level agreements within a single contract, ranging from 2 hour, 4 hour, 8 hour or next business day, 24/7, on laptops, PCs, printers, servers and storage. We also provide multi-vendor support from the desktop to the data centre. Each one of our engineers are accredited by the leading IT manufacturers, including HP, Lenovo, Dell and Unify, and are linked to our Incident Management System, which gives live call updates and tracks the location of our field team.


  • Nationwide service delivery to managed SLA’s from locally based resources
  • Service delivered by certified engineers
  • Access to expertise and escalation to cover all mainstream technologies
  • Cost benefits and savings from a structured service model



  • Nationwide service team for local service delivery
  • Central management from our Operations Centre with fully staffed service agents for diagnosis and incident management
  • Cloud based service system accessible by all service resources



A professional service to agreed service levels that is cost effective, flexible and reliant


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Maintenance Services


As PFH are Ireland's largest IT “3rd party” maintenance company we have the resources, capability and national coverage to meet any systems maintenance need. 

Our 24×7 ISO 20000 based maintenance services are delivered through a fully staffed operations centre to provide you with variable options to meet your IT requirements. We cover a full range of IT related equipment, including laptops, desktops, printers, servers, storage arrays, network and telephony systems. All our services are delivered directly by PFH using leading manufacturer accredited engineers.

We provide maintenance support on equipment from many key vendors such as Dell, IBM, HP, Cisco, Unify and many others. Our support services cover devices and platforms ranging from the client device to datacentre solutions. In many cases we offer significant cost savings over manufacturer support pricing using the skills and experience of our large team of field engineers based nationwide. All our engineers are manufacturer accredited.


  • Nationwide service delivery to managed SLA’s;
  • Wide manufacturer coverage;
  • Service delivered by certified engineers;
  • Potential for reduced costs on existing service agreements;
  • Access to expertise and escalation to cover all mainstream technologies.



  • Nationwide service team for local service delivery;
  • Central management from our Operations Centre with fully staffed service agents for diagnosis and incident management;
  • Cloud based service system accessible by all service resources.



A professional managed maintenance service to agreed service levels that is cost effective, flexible and reliable. 


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Managed Antivirus


Webroot SecureAnywhere® Business Endpoint Protection offers a unique security approach that protects against threats across numerous vectors; including email, web browsing, file attachments, hyperlinks, display ads, social media apps, and connected devices like USB drives, as well as other blended threats with the potential to deliver malicious payloads.

Powered by the industry-leading cloud-based Webroot Threat Intelligence Platform, Webroot solutions combine the latest realtime intelligence from Webroot BrightCloud® services with advanced machine learning and behaviour-based heuristics. Using our always up-to-date, cloud-based technology, Webroot is able to detect, analyse, categorize, score, and highly accurately predict the threats each endpoint is experiencing in real time.


  • Full remote install service
  • Fast deployments and scans
  • Remote monitoring of the environment
  • Real time visibility for the environment
  • Automated call logging for all alerts
  • Proactive Notifications
  • Virus removal
  • Zero Hour Security
  • Integration with Datto RMM
  • Flexible billing models
  • Monthly reporting


  • Multi-vector Protection: Protects against threats across email, browsers, files, URLs, ads, apps, and more in real time
  • Deep learning intelligence: Uses a layered approach to global threat intelligence to continually refine and enhance classification accuracy
  • Fast deployment and scans: Small endpoint client agent deploys and scans in seconds and is always up-to-date, without bulky updates or definitions
  • No reimaging: Uses journaling and rollback features to restore files to their uninfected state, so you don’t have to reimage.


  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership: No hardware or software to purchase and maintain, lower administration overhead. No switching fees or other upfront costs. Pay-as-you-go subscription model.
  • Proactive Web Security: Stop known and unknown virus, phishing and malware attacks before they reach your network.
  • Easy to Manage: Intuitive Web-based management console, set Internet use policies according to group or user level.
  • Reliable Service: Service, security and support is provided by a global security leader. 99.99% Uptime guarantee. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ensure performance.


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Managed Anti Ransomware


This next-gen, multi-layered security service is uniquely adapted to provide true cyber resilience against known and unknown threats. Instead of relying strictly on signature-based code scanning, our Managed Anti Ransomware, which is powered by Heimdal, takes protection one step further and ensures a unique type of proactive protection compared to other security products. Heimdal is designed to run alongside antivirus solutions.

It is proactive and scans all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic (HTTP, HTTPS and DNS) for cyber threats, blocking them before they develop into attacks. Heimdal also includes a feature called VectorN Detection, which blocks both known and unknown malware by detecting communication patterns in users’ internet traffic. Thor Foresight works with all antivirus software since it does not overlap with any of their functions. Antivirus products provide threat detection and mitigation based on code, while Heimdal Thor Foresight is based on traffic filtering. Heimdal offers attack or leakage prevention capabilities and traffic layer and vulnerability prevention layers. Thor Foresight uses vulnerability management to stop attacks before they penetrate and focuses on network layer communication.


  • Full remote install service
  • Fast deployments and scans
  • Lightweight Installation and Smooth Performance
  • Remote monitoring of the environment
  • Unique Threat Prevention of the Most Advanced Ransomware Viruses, Spyware and APTs
  • Real time visibility for the environment
  • Phishing protection
  • 3rd party patching for designated applications
  • Automatically updates your apps to close security holes in your end user devices
  • Automated call logging for all alerts
  • Secures your web-browsing
  • Proactive Notifications
  • Flexible billing models
  • Monthly reporting


  • Proactive next-gen endpoint security: Embedded in Thor Foresight Enterprise is Darklayer GUARD™, the unique threat communication filtering that makes it possible to map out the critical endpoints in your environment and takeproactive measures to avoid cyber security incidents.
  • Essential, evolving security layers powered by machine learning: Capable of truly preventing the unknown threats, Darklayer GUARD™ works at HTTP, HTTPS and DNS levels to stop cyber-attacks before they reach your endpoints and block data breaches by cutting communication to cyber-criminal controlled infrastructure.
  • Unparalleled Microsoft updates and 3rd-party software deployment: 85% of malware today uses that outdated 3rd-party software to compromise the company’s network and endpoints. X-Ploit Resilience will automatically patch security-critical 3rd-party software on all your servers and endpoints, even when your users are on the go.
  • Infinity Management for truly custom policy creation and deployment: An add-on to the proactive Thor Foresight Enterprise or a module that extends the capabilities of X-Ploit Resilience, Infinity Management will offer Administrators within any organization the ability to safely and seamlessly deploy custom, in-house software and patches.


  • The essential Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS): DarkLayer GuardTM is a unique 2-way traffic filtering engine that supports fully customisable white/black listing. With it, your organisation can block network communication to mitigate Zero Hour exploits, Ransomware CandC’s, next-gen attacks and data leakages.
  • Code-autonomous detection to find threats unseen by NGAV and code scanners: By tracking deviceto infrastructure communication, VectorN DetectionTM will detect 2nd generation malware strains that no other product can see, effectively delivering a HIDS at the machine traffic layer.
  • SAM and Preemptive Vulnerability Management: With X-Ploit Resilience, you can see and manage your entire software inventory anywhere in the world. This scalable, flexible and streamlined module will let you directly close vulnerabilities, mitigate exploits and achieve compliance.


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Managed Device Encryption


Today’s cybersecurity landscape has an increasing number of data breaches happening every day. When these breaches occur if encryption is not implemented, then the data is at risk of being released to the public or utilized for malicious purposes. Some companies may choose to not care about the release of data, but all companies have sensitive data such as customer lists, proprietary information, sales-related data, staff and HR information.

By implementing an encryption solution, businesses make it impossible for hackers to read the data that may have been stolen. The top industries for data breaches are traditionally ones that have valuable data such as financial, retail, healthcare and the public sector. However, that does not mean that other industries are safe—just that hackers typically weigh effort required versus the payoff.


  • Full remote install service
  • Real time visibility for the environment
  • Proactive Notifications
  • Zero Data Breaches
  • Flexible billing models
  • Monthly reporting on Utilization
  • Remotely disable lost devices
  • Centrally stored encryption keys


  • Centralized Management: Full control of licensing and software features, security policy and encryption keys.
  • OS Support: Support for Microsoft® Windows® 10, 8, 8.1 including UEFI and GPT, 7, Vista, XP SP 3; Microsoft Windows Server 2003-2012; Apple iOS.
  • Encrypt Email and Attachments: Easily send and receive encrypted emails and attachments through Outlook.
  • Remotely Disable Devices: If connected to a WiFi network, the laptop can have encryption keys wiped and be locked from the Windows login screen, with status reported back silently


  • Manage Devices Anywhere: ESET Endpoint Encryption can manage devices anywhere in the world without requiring VPNs or any firewall exceptions. This eliminates the need for risky incoming connections, making management of encryption safe and simple for businesses of all sizes.
  • Zero Impact On Productivity: Intuitive Web-based management console, set Internet use policies according to group or user level.
  • User-Proof Removable Media: ESET Endpoint Encryption protects drives of all sizes in seconds, creating an encrypted space which grows and shrinks as required. This means that any writable device is safe to use, user-owned devices are not locked for their private use, and whitelisting is not necessary


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Managed Email Filtering


Microsoft O365 has become the standard productivity platform in organisations around the world, However, many organisations are realising that without and additional email security layer, they are much more vulnerable to targeted attacks as well as data leakage and compliance challenges, Trustwave SEG helps you protect )365 with complete coverage for advances security, Data protection and reporting. Incoming mails are scanned before it reaches )365, Email coming out of O365 is analysed to ensure acceptable use and any other regulatory compliance is met. Web based management controls along with granular auditing capabilities help you reduce business costs, complexity and uncertainty while delivering advanced Email protection.


  • Full remote install service
  • Administration of the solution
  • Policy configuration and management
  • Proactive Notifications
  • Flexible billing models
  • Monthly reporting


  • It’s Not Just About Spam: With nearly 20% of spam containing malicious links and attachments, an effective email security defence requires an in-depth understanding of the web and modern cyberattack strategies. Trustwave SEG provides unmatched protection against these advanced threats and deliver real-time, zero-day protection against the latest email-borne threats.
  • Email Governance Best Practices: Putting content and DLP policies in place to secure your organization’s confidential data is an important email governance best practice. Trustwave SEG helps you perfect this effort with its monitoring only mode. Prior to rolling out new rules, monitoring lets you check the rule’s effect on email flow to easily make any required adjustments before implementing more stringent quarantine policies.
  • Extensive Policy Controls: Companies merge, email naming standards change, users require special email routing and HR policies surrounding email become more complex. Trustwave SEG provides unmatched policy configuration flexibility with an advanced policy engine that allows for custom rules based on trigger points, content filtering and other policies at a highly detailed level
  • Protection Against Data Loss: Trustwave SEG analyzes, manages and controls outbound content to provide full DLP level inspection on emails and attachments to effectively manageconfidential data and help meet stringent regulatory requirements. Trustwave SEG email encryption is an integrated, cloud-based encryption that provides your end users with a seamless experience that secures confidential communications.


  • Powerful Management Controls: Gain unmatched policy controls that empower you to easily manage your email needs and handle non-standard configurations.
  • Protect Against Data Loss: Ensure sensitive data is protected and meet stringent policy compliance requirement.
  • Advanced Security: Gain industry leading protection against phishing, blended and targeted threats.
  • Optimise Costs: Layer Office 365 with industry leading Cloud email security and reduce per user cost.


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Organisations of every size are at risk from increasingly sophisticated threats including dangerous ransomware viruses. But don't stress; PFH can help! We can take away the risk with our brand new secure, centrally Managed Firewall Service.


Are you worried about the continuous threat to your network and business's data?

Is the growing use of cloud computing and mobile solutions adding new levels of risk, complexity and cost, to securing your organisation’s data and intellectual property?

Is your IT budget tighter?

Does your organisation have the resources to managed growing security challenges?

If you have answered YES to any of the above you are not alone.

Organisations of every size are dealing with theses issues while also combating a wide range of increasingly sophisticated threats, including cybercriminal activity, spam, malware and the rapidly spreading threat to organisations by the dangerous ransomware virus; CryptoLocker, spread using official-looking emails, fake pop-ups and similar techniques. The virus notifies people about missing payments, purchases and similar things that can easily trick people into opening the malicious attachment. As soon as such attachment is opened, the computer is infected and predetermined files are encrypted.

With tighter budgets many organisations don’t have the resources to easily address their growing security challenges but PFH can help.


PFH can take away the risk with our affordable, centrally managed firewall service. Using SonicWALL we will help you meet your compliance and security objectives by managing and monitoring your firewall appliance. Our proactive service provides 24x7 administration and support for multiple network security functions including:

  • IPS/IDS Firewall
  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-spyware
  • Application control
  • Content filtering
  • Wireless LAN
  • VPN tunnels
  • Multi-WAN support

PFH will provide and install the new firewall and proactively monitor the firewall 24 hours a day looking for signs of attack or intrusion and administer and support multiple network security functions.Using SonicWALL, we can help you meet your compliance and security objectives by managing and monitoring your firewall appliance.

PFH offers our Managed Firewall Services as an annual service subscription with monthly billing, in which PFH security personnel connect to a firewall and manage it on your behalf. This offer includes access to the PFH Portal where you can see the status of devices, view a security dashboard, and create tickets to request configuration changes.


  • Real-time security monitoring
  • Device health monitoring
  • Centralised updates and management
  • Expert response to threats
  • Annual fixed cost
  • Web filtering capability


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In February 2019, we announced our new Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution using Datto technology. The DRaaS service is a full managed service for disaster recovery and backup and is managed centrally from the PFH Datto portal.

This is an all-in-one solution for Backup, DR and Ransomware.

Each backup is a fully bootable virtual machine without the need for complex, time-consuming conversion processes before performing a restore as there is no backup chain to process. 

Traditional backup technology takes an initial full system backup, and then records the changes in a linked list. The Datto Solution Combines local and cloud infrastructure to boot an entire server infrastructure on the local SIRIS NAS, or hybrid via Datto’s secure cloud, you can be back up and running as fast as the images can boot. The full environment is managed through the PFH Datto partner portal.

The PFH solution is based on the number of servers and the amount of data being backed up.

We monitor the backup and replication on a daily basis and carry out a full DR test annually as part of the service. 

We design and tailor a DR solution to meet any requirements and price points and recovery objectives. The Solution is suitable for SME’s to enterprise clients and can scale from 1TB to 120TB’s of data.


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Managing all aspects of your cloud experience.  We deliver integrated and secure managed cloud services that enhance your business by enabling mobility, agility and increased productivity. From billing to day to day operations, our team manage all aspects of your cloud environment so you don’t have to.  Our services range from simple infrastructure solutions to integrated application deliver and management as well as security services for a mobile workforce.

Transformation strategy


If you are considering how to develop, engage or consider a cloud strategy for your organisation, then our proven Transformation Strategy development service can help you shape your thoughts and plans for the future of your IT environment.

Our approach is based on our extensive experience and established best practices for cloud readiness and transformation   Our methodology represents an established solution-development approach that provides for well-defined phases that takes into account requirements such as architectural design, software design, software development, system testing, and managed release cycles, administration, costs and management. 



  • Access to cloud transformation expertise based on real world application
  • A concise strategy for cloud transformation for your business;
  • Business case material to support a transformation model;
  • Expert assistance in development cloud options;



Through a series of planned workshops and systems analysis we focus on the outcomes that that are be delivered through a there step process of analysis, design development and detailed report creation:


Analysis: consists of detailed analysis of the current environment to fully understand the operation, customisations, interactions, dependencies and readiness activities required to bring the systems to the point where cloud options can be considere


Transformation Planning: addresses the logical design for the proposed solution, which represents the end-state transformation of the systems to the Cloud Platform


Detailed report:  this is where all associated design elements are incorporated into the final documentation to contain:

  • Solution design options;
  • Security & Data Protection requirements;
  • BOM’s for hardware (if required), licensing, connectivity other associated requirements;
  • Product Licensing cost analysis – cloud versus on premise;
  • Detailed WBS, Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM), Process and SOW for the implementation;
  • Schedule and work effort;
  • Risk planning covering issues and dependencies for the options;
  • Cost models, comparisons and requirements;
  • Technical delivery roadmap;
  • Detailed migration roadmap recommendations for project team resourcing.



A detailed report itemising requirements and outlining plans for enablement

Follow-up as required for refinement and enablement that provides  clear options for a cloud transformation strategy addressing the main areas of


Data Protection;

  • Resilience and availability of the systems as the requirement for access;
  • The delivery of a controlled environment with regular updates on a scheduled basis to ensure systems are robust and in line with latest updates

Cost itemisation

  • Overcome limitations of current infrastructure where concerns exist for availability and disaster recovery;
  • Enhance the managed services capability of the current solutions;
  • A clear migration plan in terms of WBS, schedule, resources and approach for transformation of the current environment;
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Think productivity and think Office 365 from Microsoft.  Whether it is basic email or a complete solution incorporating SharePoint for collaboration and Skype for Business for Communication – our team deploy, manage and support all aspects of your environment.  We can extend our support services to your end users – this means we take the role of support agent to ensure your users are being as productive as possible with your subscription.  We can also deliver complete flexibility in billing by providing you with a monthly cost based on actual usage. 

Many companies have difficulty in maximising the potential that Office 365 can bring to their business as this requires technical and process alignment expertise. All our consultants are trained to the highest level of accreditation in the Office 365 platform and are extremely experienced in implementing the best solutions to customers. We help our customers realise the benefits of the Office 365 experience without the need or expense for them to become experts at implementing and supporting these business tools across areas such as SharePoint and Business Analytics.


At PFH we have developed a tailor-made implementation and support offering that ensures maximum benefit with little disruption to deliver the complete Office 365 experience. We work with you to plan, deploy and customise your Office 365 implementation. PFH are your end to end Office 365 partner.


  • Service delivery from our 24x7 Management centre staffed with highly skilled and accredited resources
  • Billing models based on direct relationship with Microsoft in the Cloud Solution Provider programme


  • Managed service for Office 365 administration
  • Per user billing model based on a monthly cost of assigned licenses
  • Application support services extending out to end user support        


  • Increased productivity through optimal deployment of the purchased tools such as SharePoint etc.
  • Reduced costs through cost avoidance for the purchase of unused licensing
  • Increased end user experience as support is delivered from our highly skilled service desk
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File sharing collaboration


PFHMyFile: A low cost, highly available and agile file sharing service that provides constant access to data across user platforms and devices.  The service is a replacement for on premise fileservers as well as a document sharing solution that is fully managed and hosted on Azure.  Customers can create shared workspaces with access controls using Team Folders in the system.. Data security is ensured as the service is cloud based and has file versioning, it is by default a backup repository for local data.  The customer can choose to self-administer or opt for a complete managed service for the Cloud Share thus giving local control if required.

A file synchronisation and sharing service for teams and individuals providing access to data from any platform (Web, Windows, IPhone, Apple, Windows Phone).  This solution is hosted on the PFH Cloud and fully integrates with Active Directory (if required) to synchronise desktops as well as fileserver shares (to provide copies of data or replace local file servers altogether).  Users can also share content with external users (non-employees) like as with Dropbox etc.  The solution is multi-tenant so can be provided as a managed service, or customers can opt to self-manage their environment.  It is licensed per user and total allocated storage.


  • Dropbox replacement for central control of shared data with external users and customers;
  • Removes barriers to productivity
  • Secure collaboration through team folders;
  • Reduced costs for data storage and administration
  • Managed Service for complete reliability;
  • Replaces WAN based slow file sharing to branch offices;
  • Business agility through instant data sharing;
  • Data security through synchronisation and versioned backup.


  • Customer review to determine app, user and storage requirement;
  • Commission of tenant;
  • Setup of users;
  • (Optional) train local admin on solution (2 hours);
  • (Optional) integration with local Active Directory;
  • (Optional) synchronisation of Server Shares;
  • (Optional) Selective test restore of data;
  • Implementation of a Managed Service for the solution if required.


  • Cloud based file sharing & synchronisation;
  • Versioned backup for local data;
  • Centrally controlled data sharing solution;
  • File server replacement solution;
  • Data access and synchronisation across multiple platforms;
  • Shared workspaces with access controls
  • Web portal;
  • Self-administration (if required)
  • Active directory integration (if required)
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Rollout and Deployment


We provide a complete service solution for the rapid deployment of end user devices that can be accommodated on a national basis.  We also have extensive experience in the management of lifecycle services for equipment deployment, management and waste disposal.  The PFH approach is unique, the uniqueness being a simple yet effective process that is customised to meet specific customer requirements.  We work to your needs, you don't work to ours!


  • Ability to rapidly scale to meet any demand;
  • Cost management through streamlined deployment processes;
  • Access to extensive experience in image creation and management;
  • Ability to provide dedicated logistics management services
  • A dedicated expert service that handles the logistics and complexity of deployment and lifecycle projects to ensure that business demands are met.



Through our lifecycle services section, we provide complete

  • Quotations & Order handling
  • Logistics & Warehousing
  • Configuration (image & tag)
  • Scheduling with end users.
  • Shipping/collection
  • Installation
  • Recycling
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