Inside the Innovation ThinkStation P360 Ultra

Inside the Innovation ThinkStation P360 Ultra

Redefining the Power of Small

Built for demanding workflows that require flexible configurations and maximum space-savings, this workstation is ideal for keeping up with modern workplace changes. As organizations move to hybrid or remote work, deploy additional resources to the edge, and try to minimize their environmental impact, the ThinkStation P360 Ultra is a versatile, more sustainable solution for this critical time of transformation.

Half the size of traditional small form factor desktop workstations, the ThinkStation P360 Ultra sits in a class of its own and delivers unmatched performance by packing powerful components in an innovative, space-efficient design.

For architects, designers and engineers who need desktop power to run demanding BIM solutions wherever work takes you, the ThinkStation P360 Ultra delivers GPU and CPU performance in a compact format unlike anything else on the market.