With PFH cloud services, your business will pay less for IT while improving access to the latest business tools like email, scheduling, and Microsoft productivity software. PFH offers advanced cloud-based data protection features so your data and communications stay safe and continue to meet the demands of compliance and risk. By delivering hybrid cloud architecture designed for high-availability and instant scalability, PFH will make your business more agile than ever, able to react instantly to sudden changes in demand or new business opportunities. With cloud services from PFH your company can take advantage of the cloud right now, realise its benefits and enjoy new ways of working together.



Cloud platforms for infrastructure can generally be divided into the concepts of Private, Public or a mix of the two models along with traditional on premise systems (Hybrid).  As a provider of datacentre solutions, as well as having a strategic partnership with Microsoft for Public cloud, PFH are ideally positioned to ensure that whatever your cloud requirement, we are able to define the best fit for your environment.



We specialise in the provision of private cloud platforms and our solutions are based on the open standard OpenStack cloud operating system in conjunction with cloud technologies from Microsoft, HP and Red Hat. Our team of experts can explain the dynamics of different compute styles and architect advanced solutions with detailed TCO models. For private cloud and infrastructure, we design and deploy solutions built on the latest technologies from HP, EMC and Dell.


  • Agnostic manufacturer approach to designing the best solutions for our customers that leverage the right amount of “cloud” for the right environment;
  • Expert design and delivery services to ensure optimal systems implementation and migration
  • Cost effective solution with comprehensive support and management options



  • Design and delivery workshops with comprehensive assessment of requirements;
  • Cost analysis of core requirements married to capabilities and available technologies
  • Proof of concept systems where required to validate designs and proposals
  • Expert Professional Services for implementation
  • National 24x7 support services to enable our service model



A best in class private or hybrid cloud platform that ensures your IT investment is optimal and supports business growth with ease and agility into the future

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Compute & Storage


Utilising Microsoft Azure, we provide you with a complete suite of services covering all aspects of this premium cloud platforms capability.  Our value is translating and delivering the capabilities of this vast and complex environment in a structured way that ensures you get the best return.  We also provide a complete service portfolio that is monitored and managed on a 24x7 basis from our Network Operations Centre to ensure that your services are optimised and operating as you would expect.  Let our team enable your cloud.



A completely flexible and agile service for the provision of all Azure services, and in particular virtual servers and storage where hardware resilience, security and availability is guaranteed.   You will have reduced costs as resources are provided on a utility model.  Our transition services can be deployed to move your on premise systems to the cloud and a full solution for backup and management can be put in place.  Cloud services can be scaled to meet exact requirements along with the ability to deploy systems on an ad-hoc basis to meet temporary needs.  All systems are built on Microsoft Azure so customers can be confident of service continuity – as well as integrated utility billing from PFH that means you only pay for what you use.


  • Deployment of resources in Azure integrated to your business and to your requirements driven by our Cloud Computing and Professional Services teams.
  • Access to development resources for be-spoke Azure requirements where needed
  • Delivery of complete Managed Service for the solution;
  • Readiness Systems Analysis for your existing environment to determine the requirements for Transition (link to the Transformation page)
  • Migration planning for services;
  • Preparation of a cloud environment to host the services;
  • A project for the build of Cloud Servers / Migration of on premise systems;
  • (Optional) Implementation of backup solution;
  • Documentation of the environment.


  • Reduced costs for management and operations as all services are utility based with no capex;
  • “Pay for what you use” model ensures best value for ICT spend;
  • Increased reliability of infrastructure through the use of enterprise data centres;
  • Increased Business Agility and IT Scalability by utilising cloud technology;
  • Enhanced security for service availability;
  • Hybrid solution capabilities combining on-site and cloud server; infrastructure to ensure proper workload balance;
  • PFH Managed Service for complete reliability;
  • Easy access to systems online for test and development scenarios.


  • A cloud based solution for services located in the Microsoft Azure;
  • Support service for the cloud environment;
  • Utility billing model based on consumption;
  • Infrastructure design for optimal cloud use model;
  • Transition and transformation services for on premise to cloud;
  • Managed Service for maintenance of cloud systems;
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Security & Recovery


We provide complete Managed, Talent Acquisition and Helpdesk services to support our customer's operations.

We alleviate risk by supporting and enabling our customers through the provision of complete infrastructure management, helpdesk and break-fix services to ISO standards in syndicated and dedicated models. Our Talent Acquisition services provide highly skilled personnel to augment and support on-site technology requirements.

Transformation Strategy


If you are considering how to develop, engage or consider a cloud strategy for your organisation, then our proven Transformation Strategy development service can help you shape your thoughts and plans for the future of your IT environment.

Our approach is based on our extensive experience and established best practices for cloud readiness and transformation   Our methodology represents an established solution-development approach that provides for well-defined phases that takes into account requirements such as architectural design, software design, software development, system testing, and managed release cycles, administration, costs and management. 



  • Access to cloud transformation expertise based on real world application
  • A concise strategy for cloud transformation for your business;
  • Business case material to support a transformation model;
  • Expert assistance in development cloud options;



Through a series of planned workshops and systems analysis we focus on the outcomes that that are be delivered through a there step process of analysis, design development and detailed report creation:


Analysis: consists of detailed analysis of the current environment to fully understand the operation, customisations, interactions, dependencies and readiness activities required to bring the systems to the point where cloud options can be considere


Transformation Planning: addresses the logical design for the proposed solution, which represents the end-state transformation of the systems to the Cloud Platform


Detailed report:  this is where all associated design elements are incorporated into the final documentation to contain:

  • Solution design options;
  • Security & Data Protection requirements;
  • BOM’s for hardware (if required), licensing, connectivity other associated requirements;
  • Product Licensing cost analysis – cloud versus on premise;
  • Detailed WBS, Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM), Process and SOW for the implementation;
  • Schedule and work effort;
  • Risk planning covering issues and dependencies for the options;
  • Cost models, comparisons and requirements;
  • Technical delivery roadmap;
  • Detailed migration roadmap recommendations for project team resourcing.



A detailed report itemising requirements and outlining plans for enablement

Follow-up as required for refinement and enablement that provides  clear options for a cloud transformation strategy addressing the main areas of


Data Protection;

  • Resilience and availability of the systems as the requirement for access;
  • The delivery of a controlled environment with regular updates on a scheduled basis to ensure systems are robust and in line with latest updates

Cost itemisation

  • Overcome limitations of current infrastructure where concerns exist for availability and disaster recovery;
  • Enhance the managed services capability of the current solutions;
  • A clear migration plan in terms of WBS, schedule, resources and approach for transformation of the current environment;
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Think productivity and think Office 365 from Microsoft.  Whether it is basic email or a complete solution incorporating SharePoint for collaboration and Skype for Business for Communication – our team deploy, manage and support all aspects of your environment.  We can extend our support services to your end users – this means we take the role of support agent to ensure your users are being as productive as possible with your subscription.  We can also deliver complete flexibility in billing by providing you with a monthly cost based on actual usage. 

Many companies have difficulty in maximising the potential that Office 365 can bring to their business as this requires technical and process alignment expertise. All our consultants are trained to the highest level of accreditation in the Office 365 platform and are extremely experienced in implementing the best solutions to customers. We help our customers realise the benefits of the Office 365 experience without the need or expense for them to become experts at implementing and supporting these business tools across areas such as SharePoint and Business Analytics.


At PFH we have developed a tailor-made implementation and support offering that ensures maximum benefit with little disruption to deliver the complete Office 365 experience. We work with you to plan, deploy and customise your Office 365 implementation. PFH are your end to end Office 365 partner.


  • Service delivery from our 24x7 Management centre staffed with highly skilled and accredited resources
  • Billing models based on direct relationship with Microsoft in the Cloud Solution Provider programme


  • Managed service for Office 365 administration
  • Per user billing model based on a monthly cost of assigned licenses
  • Application support services extending out to end user support        


  • Increased productivity through optimal deployment of the purchased tools such as SharePoint etc.
  • Reduced costs through cost avoidance for the purchase of unused licensing
  • Increased end user experience as support is delivered from our highly skilled service desk
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File Sharing Collaboration


PFHMyFile: A low cost, highly available and agile file sharing service that provides constant access to data across user platforms and devices.  The service is a replacement for on premise fileservers as well as a document sharing solution that is fully managed and hosted on Azure.  Customers can create shared workspaces with access controls using Team Folders in the system.. Data security is ensured as the service is cloud based and has file versioning, it is by default a backup repository for local data.  The customer can choose to self-administer or opt for a complete managed service for the Cloud Share thus giving local control if required.

A file synchronisation and sharing service for teams and individuals providing access to data from any platform (Web, Windows, IPhone, Apple, Windows Phone).  This solution is hosted on the PFH Cloud and fully integrates with Active Directory (if required) to synchronise desktops as well as fileserver shares (to provide copies of data or replace local file servers altogether).  Users can also share content with external users (non-employees) like as with Dropbox etc.  The solution is multi-tenant so can be provided as a managed service, or customers can opt to self-manage their environment.  It is licensed per user and total allocated storage.


  • Dropbox replacement for central control of shared data with external users and customers;
  • Removes barriers to productivity
  • Secure collaboration through team folders;
  • Reduced costs for data storage and administration
  • Managed Service for complete reliability;
  • Replaces WAN based slow file sharing to branch offices;
  • Business agility through instant data sharing;
  • Data security through synchronisation and versioned backup.


  • Customer review to determine app, user and storage requirement;
  • Commission of tenant;
  • Setup of users;
  • (Optional) train local admin on solution (2 hours);
  • (Optional) integration with local Active Directory;
  • (Optional) synchronisation of Server Shares;
  • (Optional) Selective test restore of data;
  • Implementation of a Managed Service for the solution if required.


  • Cloud based file sharing & synchronisation;
  • Versioned backup for local data;
  • Centrally controlled data sharing solution;
  • File server replacement solution;
  • Data access and synchronisation across multiple platforms;
  • Shared workspaces with access controls
  • Web portal;
  • Self-administration (if required)
  • Active directory integration (if required)
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Think security and think prevention, monitoring and management.  We offer prevention through perimeter security services such as managed firewalls and intelligent filtering of websites and email.  Monitoring and Management services are built onto Microsoft’s Security Suite leveraging Premium active directory for 2-factor authentication and single sign on, InTune for mobile device and application management, as well as Rights Management for Data Loss Prevention.  Our services support the day to day management of these business critical operations so that you can be sure that your security investment is being utilised and realised to the fullest extent.  Our team constantly monitor and adjust polices based on feedback and real-time events as they unfold.  We provide the toolset, and ensure it is working optimally, to protect your environment and mobile workforce. 



A professionally managed cloud security service that is tailored to the clients’ specific requirements providing the desired security protection continuously and seamlessly.   The client receives a defined service catalogue of security features that can be self-managed or our Managed Service team implement and administer.  This provides the client with a solution that can cover firewall management, Anti-virus provision, single sign on for cloud and on premise workloads (identity management), mobile device management, mobile application management and data Security through Information Protection.


  • Definition of security catalogue requirements;
  • Analysis of existing environment, eligible applications and definition of workload requirements along with pre-requisite identification;
  • Standard remote deployment from Managed Service Desk OR;
  • Non standard Implementation project for service setup where PS is required in more complex environments;
  • implementation of a Managed Service for the solution.


  • Secured environment for network perimeter, cloud connectivity, data and devices;
  • Seamless user environment across devices;
  • Self service solutions for user password management;
  • Data Protection services;
  • Managed reliable Security as a service solution;
  • Best Practice Security management policies;
  • Utility licensing for all software (per month billing) for complete cost management;
  • Access to expert resources in PFH for ongoing development and 24x7 emergency response;
  • Reduced costs for management and operations;
  • Increased Agility and Scalability by utilising cloud technology.


  • Defined service catalogue for security services;
  • A cloud secure environment that protects connectivity, data and devices;
  • Industry certified security suite of products covering Firewall, Firewall based IDP, Azure Rights Management, Intune, Information protection, (or bundled as EMS) & Symantec AV;
  • Managed Service providing day-to-day administration, moves adds and changes, monitoring and support;
  • Support & Administration from PFH Managed Services;
  • Licensing for Software elements.
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Disaster Recovery


Disaster Recovery as a Service A managed cloud DR solution that protects the customer’s IT operation utilising cloud infrastructure that is more flexible and provides lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than on-premises hardware. On-premises servers (physical or virtual) are replicated into the cloud. The service includes complete management by PFH Managed Services engineers to maintain and monitor the environment as well as assist in bringing the replicated environment online should a disaster occur. 

A disaster recovery service that utilises Azure for speed of recovery and access, cost management and service agility.  Azure Recovery Manager is deployed to maintain replicas of VMWare, Hyper-V or physical servers in the cloud.  PFH Managed Services maintain and operate the services ensuring service health, performing DR tests and are available in the event of a disaster to bring the replicated servers online restoring services quickly and efficiently. 


  • Systems analysis to ensure “goodness of fit” for the solution for the client requirements;
  • Preparation of the Azure to support the service;
  • Setup of ASR for replication of on premise servers
  • Test of DR solution;
  • Development of a DR plan with target RPO and RTO for systems in scope based on recovery manager;
  • Documentation of a recovery process;
  • Implementation of a VPN for access to recovery services;
  • (Optional) Implementation of RDS for running applications remotely;
  • implementation of a Managed Service for the solution.
  • Pricing Components:  ASR per server, Storage (for replicated data), Managed service / support. 
  • Additional costs (utility): servers when online in Azure, data egress, VPN, RDP services (optional), onsite services for deployment or invocation.


  • Replicated Server DR solution located in the Azure;
  • Full DR test for all candidate systems as part of the implementation;
  • Documented recovery process for servers in the event of a disaster;
  • Managed Service for recovery services (remotely);
  • Managed service for replication monitoring
  • Priority Access to 24x7 onsite recovery assistance (chargeable) should it be required


  • Managed reliable DR as a services solution;
  • Documented recovery process;
  • Managed Service for complete reliability;
  • Access to expert resources in PFH for ongoing development and 24x7 emergency response
  • Reduced costs for management and operations;
  • Increased Agility and Scalability by utilising cloud technology;
  • Better RTO & RPO;
  • Easy access to systems online for test and development scenarios;
  • Ease of recovery testing without interfering with live operations.
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Backup as a Service An extremely low-cost highly reliable backup solution that provides better security and data protection than traditional tape solutions. The customer will receive a fully managed Backup to the cloud solution that ensures complete copies of data are maintained in a consistent state offsite.   Data is securely stored in the PFH Cloud and as such data can be recovered to any location.  Where latency for restores are not an issue this solution can replace tapes and locally installed backup software.

A PFH cloud based file backup solution that is provided as a managed service.  It is a low cost solution that involves the installation of backup agents on customer Servers & Pc’s.  The customer pays for the number of devices and total backup storage used in the PFH Cloud.  The cloud aspect provides for complete service agility and security as cloud copies of backups provide for reliable off-site data copies that can be recovered to any location.  The solution can be used as a tape replacement solution where the latency for restores over the internet are not a customer issue.  The solution supports Windows Servers, desktops, MS Exchange and SQL.  This is a particularly ideal solution for high volume file data that needs a backup strategy. 


  • Significantly reduced costs for management and operation of backup strategy;
  • Increased reliability of backups;
  • Increased Agility and Scalability by utilising cloud technology to secure and easily recover desktop and server data;
  • Managed Service for complete reliability;


  • Systems analysis to size the backup solution requirement for licensing and cloud requirements
  • Preparation of a cloud environment to support
  • Deployment of agents to local servers & PC’s
  • Setup of schedule Cloud backup
  • Selective test restore of data;
  • Documentation of the backup process
  • Implementation of a Managed Service for the solution


  • Agent based cloud backup solution;
  • Managed Service for backups.
  • Documented backup process for data;
  • Ability to recover data to any location from cloud;
  • (Optional) Tape backup replacement solution;
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