AWS named the Cloud Infrastructure & Platform Services Leader.

AWS named the Cloud Infrastructure & Platform Services Leader.


 As an AWS Partner for 10+ years, we are happy to see that AWS Gartner has named Amazon Web Services (AWS) a Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services (CIPS) Leader for the 12th consecutive year, validating AWS’s breadth of cloud service capabilities.

AWS has a future focus on expanding the size of the market it serves by moving into new territory such as private 5G and partnerships with telecoms. AWS’s operations are global. Its customers have diverse profiles, spanning sizes, industries and locales. It continues to have the greatest capabilities of any provider in the market for CIPS. AWS has served as a guiding force in the overall market by setting accepted standards, developing technologies and establishing methodologies that are often copied in whole by competing cloud providers.


AWS’s revenue makes it the current market-share leader in the CIPS market, exceeding Microsoft Azure, its closest competitor, by two

times. Further, AWS is one of the few vendors in this market that does not exaggerate its business performance to customers based upon the sale of offerings that are well outside the periphery of what is reasonably considered to be cloud.

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