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Cloud success story - Inver Energy reduced costs by moving to the cloud

Inver Energy had a need to streamline operations across all sites and improve efficiencies. PFH implemented a full cloud based managed solution which offers improved security, efficiency, connectivity and scalability.



Inver Energy whose head office is based in Cork has a subsidiary in Cardiff, Wales. Each site had completely independent server infrastructure with no capacity to share data securely.

Inver saw a need to partner with a professional services company who could carry out a review of their systems and offer best practice guidance, and in turn implement a secure platform for the centralisation of their data for management and control. The purpose was to align a cost effective, agile IT strategy, with Invers future business plans.

PFH Technology Group were brought in to complete the review and recommend a secure, reliable and scalable solution that would best suit Inver Energy’s needs.


With limited IT resources and no failover server, PFH recommended that Inver Energy should move to a fully managed cloud based solution using Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), which would offer improved efficiency, connectivity and scalability between all offices including their terminal office in Limerick.

PFH upgraded Inver Energy from a Windows 2003 operating system to a fully hosted service using Microsoft Windows Azure. The backup solution was upgrade from tape to an online backup service where data is backed up to a highly secure internal hosted solution which includes data being encrypted at source. Backup schedules were configured to suit specific requirements and extend to cover any critical mobile laptops or desktops.

The existing firewall was replaced and PFH recommended that Inver upgrade their connectivity to a high speed, secure and resilient internet connection.

To improve collaboration between all sites Microsoft Office 365 was implemented. Microsoft Exchange is used for email to offer users a consistent experience across any device. Microsoft SharePoint is used for document collaboration and management which will offer a secure platform for sharing and editing documents between Ireland and Wales. This will help relieve the issues currently being experienced and offer the risk department high levels of transparency and improve efficiencies.



Inver Energy now has a robust and reliable solution that is fully managed by PFH’s Support Department. Using Office 365 enables Inver to have an efficient means of communication between both offices while enjoying improved business continuity. The 99.9 percent uptime with Office 365 is hugely valuable to the business.

Other benefits include:

Reduced management costs (which includes operating, licensing and management)

Reduced IT infrastructure spend

Improved business agility and increasing revenue

Enhanced security

According to John O’Leary, Inver Energy, “The project was fantastically well scoped and offers a really robust solution. Having a cloud based solution managed off site by PFH was much more efficient than having a physical infrastructure locally they we are unable to support.”


Core Technologies Used

The key technologies used to deliver this solution were:

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Office 365


Customer Profile

Inver Energy are a leading independent supplier of fuel and energy in the UK & Ireland.

Since 1983 Inver has grown from a small regional supplier for fuel and oil in Ireland to a leading independent supplier of fuel and energy in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Inver’s large oil import terminals in Ireland and the UK supply fuel to a wide range of customers.


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