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Cloud success story - Nationwide rollout of VDI solution to a large National Utility

PFH rolled out a nationwide hosted shared desktop solution using Citrix XenApp 6.5 to this large utility company which included virtualising all applications and desktops, giving them a standardised secure environment while lowering costs.


A national utility was faced with a requirement to provide a consistent desktop and application experience to a disparate set of stakeholders ranging from internal and mobile direct employees, to various third parties and contractors. As a utility body security was a key requirement as was the ability for flexibility and low administration overhead.


PFH designed and implemented a hosted shared desktop solution utilising Citrix XenApp 6.5. This allowed for the virtualisation of applications and desktops. Remote access was provided through a Citrix Netscaler Access Gateway solution using 2 factor authentication (RSA key and password).

To align the user experience across stakeholders Citrix Provisioning Services was used to keep all Citrix XenApp server images identical and the cross-platform capabilities provided by the Citrix Receiver ensured no changes were required for 3rd party external users.

The solution also enabled internal users to maintain a constant experience through the deployment of Wyse thin clients. 


This utility now has a standardised and common environment that has:

 Extremely low cost overhead for administration and management

 Low cost for connectivity with receiver technology providing rich user experience even over low bandwidth connections

 Central image control

 Reduced TCO for patching, AV and general image management

 Rapid server / application deployment using provisioning services

 A secure environment where all data is encrypted.

Core Technologies Used

The key technologies used to deliver this solution were:

Microsoft Office

Windows Server 2012r2

Citrix Xenapp

Citrix NetScaler


SPLA Licensing