The platform and associated common applications you deploy to deliver and manage your business environment are the foundation for the reliability and security of your entire IT operation.  As we work with the market leaders in Microsoft, Citrix and VMWare, we provide you with the choice of multiple solutions, and guide you in the unbiased selection of the best platforms for your needs. We deliver solutions ranging from productivity, messaging, virtualisation and availability, to collaboration systems, users and device management, mobility and security solutions.  We provide for complete environments and ensure that you are using the right tools to meet your specific requirements.

Your Digital Transformation strategy and the demands of the Digital Age mean that you need to have platforms that are flexible, available and secure.  Our solutions for you will ensure that not only are the best platform environments created, but that they are secure from cyber threats, data loss and systems failure as well as empowering your users to be as productive as possible. 







Our Microsoft Platform Practice comprises of highly experienced and certified Consultants who are expert in their field. We architect, design, deploy and solution assure comprehensive Microsoft platform solutions across Azure, Windows, System Centre, Office 365, Exchange, Skype for Business and Enterprise Security solutions to be the single point for all your Microsoft Platform requirements.

Microsoft platform technologies are at the core of most operations for companies today.  Microsoft systems manage identities and provide a messaging service, a communications platform and systems management tools, as well as the core productivity platform for collaboration and desktop solutions.  Microsoft is also fast becoming the virtualisation platform of choice for a lot of organisations as the hybrid cloud model becomes more prevalent.  Azure delivers the widest range of cloud capabilities from storage to IaaS, as well as Disaster Recovery, media streaming and a host of data services.

When you want to upgrade, implement or change your Microsoft environment you want the assurance that the partner you choose will ensure your services continue to be delivered to your users without unnecessary interruption.

Our experience and proven methodologies for transformation guarantee that your project will be delivered with little impact to live operations and that your users will receive the utmost capabilities of the deployed Microsoft technology.

We are specialist in delivering solutions utilising:

  • Azure Cloud Services;
  • Identity Management;
  • Security services based on EMS;
  • Virtualisation;
  • Messaging (Office 365 / Exchange);
  • System Centre;
  • Windows Server / Desktop;
  • Office 365;
  • Skype for Business;

Our “value add’’ is that not only are we highly proficient with well-defined delivery models for our solutions, but we can extend our services to include a complete Managed Service for the platform, underlying infrastructure and end users.


When you chose the PFH Microsoft Platform Team for your project, you will realise:

  • Expert consulting from a highly trained and Microsoft Certified team;
  • Fast and efficient delivery of projects which are on time and to budget;
  • Access to diverse resources spanning our Application Practice as well as infrastructure and managed services;
  • A partner to meet evolving needs;


  • Our Microsoft Practice is built on exceptional talent delivering outstanding solutions to established methodologies for the management of the process, people and technology.
  • All members of our team are highly certified and experienced in their respective disciplines. Coupled with dedicated, certified, project management professionals, we ensure that your project is delivered to the highest standards.


  • Assured Microsoft Solutions delivered to your requirements, addressing current and future needs


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Release the potential of the Azure Cloud Platform for your business with our team as we match your needs to a secure cloud solution that supports your business.

Azure is the market leading public cloud platform that companies can utilise to build secure, diverse and robust cloud based solutions that enhance their business. Comprised of a vast array of services and tools, Azure delivers complete secure environments while enabling business agility, increased security and reduced costs.

Our Microsoft Team are proficient in the provision of Azure for business.  PFH are Gold Partners for Cloud Platform and with our Azure experts you can realise the true potential of this vast resource and deliver real and tangible improvements to your business.

We deliver Cloud Transformation and Migration projects based on Azure to a standard methodology that ensures you get the best that Azure has to offer for your business. 

We extend your cloud capability with complete managed services for Azure that ensure your cloud delivers your services consistently and reliability.


  • Expert guidance and project deliver for cloud transformation and migration;
  • Access to highly skilled and certified Azure experts;
  • Support of a company that not only will implement a best in class Azure solution but also extends to a complete managed service for your environment;
  • Access to infrastructure and other platform team experts from the PFH consulting teams who ensure all aspects of your environment, current and planned, are reflected and delivered as part of the project.


  • Our certified experts assist your business by defining a cloud transformation strategy that is specific to your requirements and which takes account of your business needs.  We work with you to define and implement true cloud transformation strategies that leverage the very best that Azure offers, while ensuring that the platform is matched to your environment;
  • We utilise a standard methodology for cloud transformation and migration.  Our approach is anchored in properly establishing your requirements and latching them to Azure capabilities across platform, security, infrastructure and identity.  We then complete an assessment of your environment and cloud adoption maturity, pinpointing gaps that need to be bridged to ensure that the desired Azure services can be implemented successfully;
  • We then develop transformation and migration plans that set a clear and managed process in place for your project.


  • An optimised Azure Platform tailored to your business that enables you to securely and reliably release the benefits of Cloud for your business.


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Leverage Microsoft Server and Management tools to deliver a seamless, hybrid, cloud-integrated infrastructure for your business.  Our experts will define, implement and integrate these tools to ensure you have an optimal environment for your business.   

The platform for your server environment needs to be secure, reliable and efficient. Microsoft Windows 2016, coupled with System Centre and Azure, delivers a truly integrated, cloud-enabled hybrid environment that is agile and will deliver for your business. 

As a Microsoft Gold Partner for Datacentre, our certified experts ensure that your infrastructure is designed and deployed to provide the optimum support your business into the future.

We deliver solutions that scale to individual requirements, from standalone environments to complete Hyper-V virtualised platforms integrating with Azure for dynamic resource sharing, all managed by System Centre and OMS.

We will work with you to ensure that these tools are leveraged and deployed efficiently.


  • Expert guidance and project deliver for datacentre technologies based on Windows Server cloud transformation and migration;
  • Access to highly skilled and certified Datacentre technology and Azure experts;
  • Peace of mind allowing management teams to focus on their core business;
  • A superior quality of IT infrastructure and service;
  • Vastly reduced risk to their operations;
  • Partnership with experts who can help them build an ICT environment that aligns to their strategy;
  • Support of a company that not only will implement a best in class solution, but also extends to a complete managed service for your environment;
  • Access to PFH consulting teams who ensure that all aspects of your environment are reflected and delivered as part of the project.


  • Our “value add” for your business is that we deliver Microsoft Platform projects using certified experts with vast experience in the design and implementation of these projects.  PFH’s highly skilled team not only applies its knowledge in Microsoft Datacentre technologies, but also extends it to infrastructure that can be leveraged to cover all aspects of your project;
  • We provide a standardised methodology of requirements identification, planning design and implementation that ensures maximum project success with minimum risk.  We utilise the Microsoft Solutions Framework coupled with Project Management methodologies for the specification, testing and implementation of our solutions;
  • The primary purpose of the methodology is to underpin the technical requirements of our engagements with a structured approach that is intended to be logical yet flexible in its application.  By viewing the deliverables of the solution in this way, we can standardise our engagement and maximise the benefit to our customers throughout the phases of the project.  


Assurance that your project will be delivered to the highest standards maximising the capabilities of the technologies being deployed. 


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Cyber Security & Mobility


Mobility and the need for collaboration has dissolved the traditional boundaries that we relied on for total security.  Our approach to securing your environment is built upon increasing productivity while reducing threats and securing assets.

As we experience digital transformation and see the internet and Cloud enable and empower business, there is also the growing threat to your data and systems from organised efforts to monetise a return through Cyber-criminal activities. When this is coupled with the need to deliver more mobile solutions to meet customer demands, the traditional security boundaries are dissolving and the concept of “shadow IT” is becoming more prevalent as users seek non-approved ways to improve efficiency at work.

Enabling users to be mobile while securing company data and protecting against threats is a number one business priority.  Our expertise is in assisting companies to leverage Microsoft technology to secure data, devices and identities.  We help companies empower their users to be more efficient and productive, while at the same time ensuring that data is secure from external and internal threats.

Our solutions encompass all facets of the traditional and cloud challenges, from securing devices, the datacentre and cloud environments, to managing data protection requirements and identities.

Our team will work with you to define and implement a comprehensive security strategy leveraging your existing IT investment while utilising the specialised Microsoft Security products that integrate seamlessly to your environment.


  • Comprehensive security solution that protects your business;
  • Easy to use solution set that is comprehensive covering data, devices, systems and user identities;
  • Clear roadmap for security management;
  • Expert Microsoft Security consultants define and implement a comprehensive security plan for your needs;
  • Ability to extend the solution to encompass a complete managed service for Security through the PFH Managed Services portfolio.


Our approach is to focus on business needs and identify the security requirements from productivity and system perspectives. We have a structured approach based on the concepts of Detect, Protect and Respond:

  • Detect: how to identify threats and make sure they are mitigated across users and systems, from external directed attacks to vulnerabilities exposed through Shadow IT.
  • Protect: from data, devices and user identities to how systems are accessed by users, collaboration tools, shadow IT and other services need to be included in a comprehensive strategy based on policy and expert security mechanisms.
  • Respond: the plans and activities to deal with breaches in all eventualities, covering aspects such as Ransomware and internal data protection concerns.

Our approach aligns your requirements with security considerations. Once we have assessed and analysed gaps in your environment, we then deliver comprehensive solutions which both enable and protect.  

Our team are adept in the Microsoft Security Technologies. These cover Azure Active Directory and Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) which includes InTune, Rights Management and Premium AD services such as Cloud Single Sign On and Multi-Factor Authentication, in addition to on premise services delivered through Active Directory and System Centre for patching and application control.  We can construct complete security models and services to ensure your environment is always protected.


  • A comprehensive Microsoft security solution that addresses business needs while targeting how data is used and protecting it, securing users identities and mitigating against business interruption.
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The modern workplace is integrated with cloud technology driving desktop productivity through Office 365.  Collaboration is key, and mobility with security underpin how we work today.  Our Platform Team innovate by delivering creative solutions on the Office 365 platform to support your digital transformation.

Interacting with our customers in real time is crucial in driving innovation and digital transformation.  Office 365 has become the standard solution set for companies to deliver desktop productivity, messaging and online collaboration and is a key component in how we interact. Customers refuse to accept the status quo at work or in how they experience service from companies. The rise of social media and social listening as a tool for engagement and brand advocacy helps illustrate this point. This means organisations needs to adapt.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner for Productivity, we provide you with a suite of services around the Office 365 platforms tailored to your progress and covering:

  • Migration: planning for implementing the core services and merging Office 365 to your operating IT environment;
  • Utilisation: expanding your use of the Office 365 services that you have purchased to ensure you are maximising your investment while increasing productivity;
  • Support and Services: Managed Services incorporating utility billing and user support, as well as administrative services for all aspects of your Office 365 investment


  • Complete service solutions delivered by certified expert resources;
  • Customised project delivery focused on providing solutions without interfering with daily operations;
  • Leveraging the power of Office 365 to deliver more agility for your teams and networks;
  • Expansion of capabilities for personal and organisational insight;
  • Enhanced people-focused security, leveraging Azure as well as native security solutions to ensure that identities and data are protected.


We deliver expert Office 365 services through our Microsoft Platform team. This group comprises of experienced personnel certified in the implementation of the Office 365 and Azure platforms.  

For initial deployment and migration, we have standardised our approach to a 4-step solution. This is an outcome- based approach that will provide you with a transformed environment which minimises impact and risk to ongoing service delivery.

1.   Discovery: the analysis of your environment for Office 365 readiness;

2.   Design: the layout of the final state for your environment with goals and objectives;

3.   Plan & Build: the construction and testing of your new environment, from desktop productivity to security and cloud tools;

4.   Migrate: the process of moving users and workloads to the cloud.

Each project is underpinned with expert project management to ensure a structured approach with project controls.

Once you are in the cloud, we work with you to then identify project opportunities. We help you to realise and enhance your usage of tools covering areas such as analytics, security and productivity by utilising collaboration or communication mechanisms such as SharePoint Online and Skype for Business.


A smooth delivery of the best of Office 365 to empower your workforce securely, while maximising the capabilities of the office suite.  

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Our Citrix Practice addresses key requirements for customers concerning the secure delivery of application environments.  Our solutions mobilise your employees while securing the Enterprise. 

Citrix technologies facilitate secure business operations and centralise application delivery while reducing management overhead. We have been designing and implementing Citrix solutions since its inception and have delivered some of the largest Citrix based projects in Ireland.   

With increasing threats and the heightened awareness of the need for cyber-security strategies, we deliver crucial Citrix solutions that protect data, applications and user identities. By leveraging cloud technologies for data collaboration using tools such a Share File, as well as through managing local application requirements and mobile user enablement, we provide a variety of expert services tailored to your specific project requirements.

We work with the core Citrix products in providing application and desktop virtualisation, as well as collaboration and security services which include device management and remote access.  

In order for us to deliver complete solutions to our customers, our provisions are extended to incorporate Managed Services, which include projects, end-user support and environment monitoring and management.

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Citrix Consulting Services


Highly skilled consulting services with expert resources experienced in the design and delivery of enterprise level projects based on Citrix Technologies. 

We operate a structured approach when planning and dispatching projects by identifying all component requirements and then arranging implementation accordingly.  Project management underpins the way in which we engage so that a common platform approach with clear communication and controls are in place.

Our expertise is in designing and delivering solutions based on XenApp and XenDesktop for application virtualisation and NetScaler for remote access and management. Our meticulous attention to design and testing ensures company-wide ease in adoption and ultimately, project success.



  • When you choose PFH for Citrix Consulting Services you are getting a guarantee of individual attention from some of Ireland’s preeminent Citrix Consultants.  Our expertise is cemented by our long tradition of designing and implementing large scale Enterprise Citrix solutions;  
  • Assurance of expert solution design and implementation;
  • Access to a wider Professional Services team for complementary skills in Infrastructure, Networking, Virtualisation and Microsoft technologies to ensure complete project success.
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Citrix Support Services


Citrix Support Services are essential for organisations centralising their services to a common platform.  When you deploy Citrix solutions you want to be confidant that your provider can support your environment and users following implementation of the project.

Our Citrix Support Services enable you to rest assured that your environment is monitored and managed securely.  We provide a complete solution that encompasses support as well as proactive services for monitoring and management.  These services extend to consulting level support for enhancing and developing your environment.


  • Access to expert resources on a 24x7 basis;
  • Continuous monitoring and management of your Citrix and underlying infrastructure environments;
  • Assurance of an expert team administering your environment;
  • Structured services to an agreed service level customised to suit your specific requirements. 


  • Our Managed and Support services are delivered from our Network Operations centre where our certified expert resources proactively manage systems for our customers.  Operating to ISO 20000 standards our service delivery team consistently deliver expert services to the highest standards; 
  • We implement a structured approach for you with an agreed service catalogue and service level agreements that represent you needs and criticality of your environment.  
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PFH enables your business to accelerate your Journey to Digital Transformation and the Software Defined Data-Centre (SDDC). PFH and VMware enables a software-defined approach to business and IT that accelerates our customers’ digital transformation to cloud computing so they can compete and succeed in the digital economy. The challenge of digital transformation is building and managing a platform that incorporates private, public, and hybrid clouds. PFH can help your enterprises deliver on all of their key business priorities and IT imperatives as they make this transition.

This digital transformation begins with the establishment of a powerful, flexible, and secure foundation for business agility. This next-gen infrastructure must support both existing apps and meet the broader requirements of next-gen apps.

  • Get complete value out of compute virtualization
  • Easily adopt SDDC components
  • Take your virtualization to the next level through virtualization of your Network and Storage.
  • Simplify data centre operations, increase business efficiency, and decrease both CapEx and OpEx

Talk to our VMware team today about a VMware optimisation assessment.


  • One of the largest VMware certified technical teams in Ireland.
  • Comprehensive VMware managed service.
  • Leaders in Data Centre Consolidation and Business Continuity.
  • Strong VMware relationship with VMware EMEA headquarters in Cork.
  • VMware Software Defined and Hybrid Cloud Competencies
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Operations Management


Add intelligent operations management and automation to your data centre through vSphere with Operations Management. Monitor and manage health, spot performance bottlenecks and capacity shortfalls and rebalance workloads before demand spikes to enable application performance, while leveraging self-learning algorithms and predictive analytics that adapt to your environment.


  • Allows you to monitor health and manage the performance of your infrastructure;
  • Enables capacity planning and optimisation with an eye to the future of your organisation;
  • Intelligent workload placement and rebalancing to allow you to get the most out of your infrastructure;
  • Faster problem resolution due to self-learning and predictive analytics.


Better Business Outcomes: Customer Reported Benefits




With a range of VMware products available through our in house expertise we have the solution for all environments. We utilise the power of vSphere to leverage your VMware infrastructure for a more accurate, valuable and functional asset.  VSphere in conjunction with operations management can help you achieve your unique business needs by providing better insights and better IT by virtualising your server environment.  Our expertise can harness the power of Vmware to provide a best in class solution for you.


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Software Defined Storage


PFH and VMware offer an enterprise-class shared storage solution for hyper-converged infrastructure optimized for today’s all-flash performance in Virtual SAN which creates software-defined shared storage for virtual machines and reduce a business’ TCO as much as 50 percent.


  • Ability to use standardised COTS (Commodity Of The Shelf) hardware
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Simplified day to day operations with reduced operational overhead
  • Scale up and out - enabling you to scale as the business grows


VMware vSAN Assessment is a free assessment that helps you validate vSAN's benefits to your organization by providing TCO analysis, hardware guidance, and sizing recommendations specific to your environment in just one week.

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Cloud Automation


PFH and VMware vRealize suite offers cloud automation software allowing you to deploy across a multi-vendor hybrid cloud infrastructure, giving you both flexibility and investment protection for current and future technology choices


  • Automate the end-to-end delivery and management of infrastructure, and accelerate application deployment and releases;
  • Allows the ability to provision and manage multivendor, multicloud infrastructure and applications ensuring that your existing infrastructure, tools and processes are utilised;
  • Provide cost savings through the consistent, automated delivery and management of IT services and reduce time-consuming, manual processes. Reclaim inactive resources for reuse with automated reclamation;
  • Ensure that you receive the right size resource or application at the appropriate service level for the jobs you need to perform.


  • We leverage manufacturer backed solutions to develop, design, implement, and maintain VMware products;
  • Our highly skilled resources will manage the process from end to end to ensure that you get the right solution built for your needs;
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Layered Networking & Security


PFH and VMware provide the agility and speed you need to support your business while providing an inherently more secure infrastructure using NSX. NSX embeds security functions right into the hypervisor. It delivers micro-segmentation and granular security to the individual workload, enabling a fundamentally more secure data center. Security policies travel with the workloads, independent of where workloads are in the network topology.


  • Secure your datacentre with micro-segmentation and granular security delivered to the individual workload
  • Reduced network provisioning time from days to seconds and improved operational efficiency through automation
  • Workload mobility independent of physical network topology within and across data centers
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