Time: 3.00 pm Date: Wednesday 29th July 2020

There are plenty of good reasons to move data, applications and infrastructure to the cloud. But what about security? Doesn't cloud add new risks? How can you capitalize on the advantages of the cloud without compromising your organization’s security? 

You can combine the best of the cloud with trusted, proven security solutions from nCipher Security.

Join the webinar where we will cover the following topics:

- The ever changing business environments

- Cloud adoption challenges

- Cloud Security – a shared responsibility

- Microsoft & nCipher a long history

- What is Azure Key Vault

- What is BYOK & HYOK

- The role of a HSM

- Why nShield HSMs - Q&A


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DATE: Wednesday 29th July 2020

TIME: 3.00 pm

DURATION: 30 minutes followed by Q&A