Think Lenovo, Think Workstations

Purchasing any business machine for an employee can be time consuming and costly.

Buyers must consider many factors which we have previously alluded too.

When it comes to procuring workstation technology, the complexity of the purchasing decision increases.Buyers must weigh up what spec an employee needs and how to find best value for their organisation.

This blog will give you some insight into the current ‘desktop’ format workstations on the market. We will showcase different models available and highlight the industries that benefit.



Lenovo Thinkstation P320 Tiny and Lenovo ThinkStation P320 Tower

Branded as the world’s smallest professional workstation, the P320 Tiny is engineered to be located where other larger units cannot.

With a simple and small form factor the device is the same width as the length of a pencil. Lenovo WorkstationsThis, coupled with the fact that it can be attached to the back of a monitor via a Lenovo Vesa Mount ensures that the P320 Tiny saves critical desk space.

Inside, the P320 Tiny supports Kabylake CPUs with TDP of up to 35W (like the Intel Core i7-7700T). NVIDIA's Quadro P600 is a GP107-based GPU with a 40W TDP. The system comes with two DDR4 SODIMM slots and two M.2 NVMe SSD slots. There is number of I/O ports - audio jacks in the front, a total of six USB 3.0 ports spread across the front and the rear, a RJ-45 GbE port, and six display outputs (4x mini-DP + 2x DP). Thanks to the Quadro GPU, the P320 Tiny comes with ISV certifications for various applications such as AutoCAD and much more.

It should be noted that the P320 series is also available as a Tower. The Tower packs more punch with an Intel Xeon E3 processor with an entry-level 1CPU. This power enables the P320 Tower to be VR ready.



Lenovo Thinkstation P520/P520c

The 520 series has been dubbed the world’s fastest 3D graphics workstation.

Perfect for 3D CAD, design, engineering, VR and VFX, the 520 series packs more power.

Both the P520 and P520c feature Intel Xeon W processors—each of which holds up to 18 cores with speeds of up to 4.5GHz running Windows 10 Pro OS.

The P520 will take up to two NVIDIA Quadro 6000 graphics cards and memory of up to 256GB.

The P520c is for those who desire a more compact, less expansive option, but a good core count, memory and clock-speed. It can take the NVIDIA Quadro 5000 graphics card and hold memory of up to 128GB, it also holds up to six drives and two internal storage bays. The 520c is more entry/mid-level for CAD professionals, so those interested might find this smaller (but still robust!) workstation more appealing.



Lenovo Thinkstation P720 and Lenovo Thinkstation P920

Both workstations drive Intel’s newest Xeon Bronze, Gold, Silver and Platinum processors, which offer speeds of up to 3.6 GHz and support for up to 28 cores. The P720 can handle up to 384GB RDIMM 2666MHz DDR4, 12 DIMM Slots, while the P920 will handle up to 2TB of DDR4, 2666MHz, 16 DIMMs of memory. This makes it possible to run and store many high-demand, performance-hungry projects at the same time.

If an internal 6-channel memory option isn’t enough for you, the P720 and P920 can be customised to fit your needs, while slapping “Go-Faster”stickers all over the box is entirely your own choice. Both ThinkStations have fabulous Flex Trays holding two drives per bay and *cranks reverb* TRI-CHANNEL COOLING-Cooling-cooling system to prevent the whole thing from overheating during your intense workout session.


Lenovo ThinkStationsAs with all product sets, each has their own target market and the Lenovo ThinkStation family is no different. Whether you’re a CAD Guru working for an engineering firm or a busy architect designing buildings - the ThinkStation portfolio has you covered. Each workstation is designed to suit any organisations requirements (or budget for that matter!).

At PFH, we currently have a try-before-you-buy offer available to customers but only for a limited period, our customers can test the Lenovo ThinkStations before they make their purchasing decision.

Contact us today to book your workstation.

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