The Benefits of Chromebooks for Schools

A Chromebook is a mostly internet dependent laptop that starts up super-fast and snappily thanks to the low overhead of its operating system. Its applications are focused on Google’s own services and applications, like Chrome, maps and YouTube, but there is a growing list of third party apps that work with Chrome OS natively, and many others that work with it through the Google play store.

In this blog we will explain the key benefits of Chromebooks and why they are a must for education providers. These benefits include:

Battery Life: The long battery life is the possibly the most attractive feature of the Chromebook. Once fully charged the Chromebook can last from 11-14 hours which is more than sufficient for lasting the full school day.

Inexpensive: The Chromebook uses apps such as Google docs,spreadsheets and Gmail which are all free to download.

Print: The Chromebook can print to all printers in your school as normal and fully wireless.

Share: Devices can be shared easily among students.

Durability: The Chromebook was built to withstand student wear and tear.

Updates: The Chromebook updates automatically through internet connection.

Versatility: The Chromebook was built to support every student. Individual google profiles allows students to bring their personal settings, accessibility set-up, and extensions to any Chromebook they sign into, in the classroom, library or at home. Just log in and everything is automatically applied. With built-in accessibility features like ChromeVox (a built-in screen reader for the visually impaired); the option for
a touchscreen; and support for devices like braille keyboards, Chromebooks can offer students of all learning levels a more intuitive learning experience.

Adapting to the needs of learners: To adapt to different student learning needs, Chromebooks tools have built-in accessibility features. Accessibility settings sync across any Chrome OS device, so as students
switch between shared devices or log in at home with their G suite for education account, their settings automatically update. This means no additional instruction time might otherwise require an additional device or aide.

Adapting to the needs of educators: Teachers shape the mind of the next generation of leaders, thinkers, activists and creators. As the classroom changes, teachers turn to digital tools, like Google classroom, G suite and expeditions and third-party apps to engage students and teach efficientlyand effectively.

Adapting to the needs of schools: With the Chrome education license, administrators deploy technology at any pace, while having the flexibility to manage their fleet of devices in a number of environments. Chrome devices only take ten seconds to boot up which means administrators can schedule system updates on their own time frame, many schools have chosen to use Chromebooks in their classrooms.


At PFH, we pride ourselves on delivering best value to our customers for their IT investment. If you need pricing on Chromebooks or any device other device, please submit your request via and one of our team will provide a quotation within 60 minutes.


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