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Product Review: Lenovo ThinkServer TS150

A review of the Lenovo TS150 which is an Intel Xeon-based server that is ideal for Small Businesses.

It comes in a Tower format with enough space for further expansion, 
If you need them, the latest versions include Intel’s Kaby Lake range of Xeon processors

This competitively priced entry-level Server ships with the 3.3GHz Xeon E3-1225 v6 chip and 8GB of memory, however no matter which processor you select, you will receive 4 cores, 8MB of L3 cache and capacity for up to 64GB of 2,400MHz ECC DDR4 memory.

The Tower casing itself is solid and the entry side panel can be locked if needed. A DVD is included with 2 spare drive bays beneath it.

An optional USB RDX drive can be purchased (and installed by PFH) for local back-up.

8 USB3 ports are include and can be activated / deactivated via the BIOS. At the back of the unit are a VGA port and a DisplayPort connection.

Within the casing things are packed away nicely, you can set-up RAID0, 1 or 5 arrays; PFH can supply an optional RAID 520i PCI-Express card, which will add support for hot-swap SAS3 drives,

To manage heating and cooling there's an active CPU heatsink, plus a 9cm cooling fan at the back – both units are very quiet.

TS150 doesn't come with embedded OS deployment tools which are standard with Dell & HPE SMB models, however there is a EasyStart-Up disk that allows you to install your Operating System quickly. The TS150 supports Intel’s vPRO & AMT active management technology.

You can monitor and control the Server remotely via a browser allowing you to check hardware, view settings change power states.

There are also App’s available that allow additional remote management tools.

In summary; the Lenovo TS150 is a competitively priced entry lever Server that allows for further expansion and deliver’s powerful computing power which makes it ideal for many SMB companies looking to run application and services on premise as opposed to in the cloud.




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