Protect Your Identity and Data with HP

Security is paramount for a commercial PC.

As we have outlined in previous blogs, companies can no longer take risks with their security posture. HP recently visited our offices to present the latest security features for their client devices.

HP understand users need to browse securely and work safely, with the confidence they have hardened security features on their client device.

Our blog outlines the features that protect the identity and data of the user.

HP Sure Click

Having partnered with Bromium, a maker of “virtual hardware”, HP have released Sure Click. This new feature helps protect a PC from websites and in-browser PDF files infected with malware, ransomware, or viruses.

The idea is that Sure Click will trigger without the user’s intervention. Every time a user visits a website, Sure Click will engage, providing a small virtualization layer between the browser and the rest of the system. That virtualization will, in turn, protect the device and its user data.

HP Sure View

HP Sure View can instantly protect against visual hacking with the optional integrated privacy screen, featuring 3M privacy technology. At the touch of a button the devices screen appears dark to potential visual hackers whilst the user can see their content clearly. Most people may not be bothered if just reading a news website, but if writing a sensitive email, reading work documents, or typing a password that others can see then HP Sure View can assist.

HP Multi-factor Authenticate

Multi-factor authentication requires users to provide more than one form of authentication to verify identity and access systems or data.

The first factor is generally some form of username and password, while the second can range from a PIN to biometrics such as a fingerprint, to physical keys such as Smart Cards and SecureKeys.

HP Multi-factor Authenticate allows the user to fortify their security with up to three authentication factors, enforced by Intel® Authenticate Technology.


At PFH, we pride ourselves on delivering best value to our customers for their IT investment. If you need pricing on HP devices, please submit your request via and one of our team will provide a quotation within 60 minutes.


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