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Reinventing Business

What's the most exciting thing about doing business in 2017? 

It can only be one thing - the opportunity for digital transformation.

What's the most exciting thing for us here in PFH?

It can only be one thing - the opportunity to provide our customers with transformational technology and the very best business solutions.

The most common question I'm asked these days is "what is digital transformation and what does it mean for my business?” So no better subject for this first Blog in the PFH Business Solutions series!

Digital transformation is a business strategy that requires managers and owners to take a fresh look at existing business models and embrace a new ways of bringing together people, data, and processes to create value for their customers and capture new opportunities in their business.

In this data driven age, digital transformation means considering how your business is holding up to the competition and how you are:

  • Engaging your customers
  • Enabling your employees
  • Optimise your operations
  • And positioning your products


Markets are getting smaller, competition is getting larger and customers have more knowledge and choice as ever before.

Every business needs a digital transformation strategy in order to survive and thrive in this new world. And every digital transformation needs intelligent business applications.

And that's where Microsoft Dynamics365 comes in.

Microsoft Dynamics365 is built for Digital Transformation. Dynamics365 provides all organisations, large and small, with end-to-end intelligent, fully integrated, cloud based business applications.

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These applications work seamlessly together to manage specific business processes across, Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Operations, Project Service Automation and Marketing.

In addition, Microsoft recently unveiled Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights, a new class of analytics applications from Microsoft. Customer Insights connects and analyses your customer data – from a variety of sources such as CRM, ERP, web, social and IoT – and applies intelligence to it to give you a 360-degree customer view with prescriptive suggestions to improve engagement.

Data has truly become the new currency, and every single business creates and processes huge amounts of data every day.  We now have more access to more data, faster than ever before.

The challenge is how to transform it into intelligence that generates action and drive outcomes. That’s where the clever bits come in. The Business Solutions team in PFH are expert at using these tools to transform your data into rich, meaningful analytics that will proactively generate optimal outcomes and transform your business.

My favorite example of this has to be Project Service Automation

Project teams can use this Dynamics365 application as standalone app in close alignment with Office 365, but when combined with Operations, the time and expense reports that project members submit, will automatically go to accounting, HR and Payroll systems, and Project Accounts will be automatically updated for Finance in the Operations App.

This may sound basic… but the fact is that the classic delineation between CRM and ERP has created a separation in data and processes.

Dynamics 365 breaks down this separation, and our business platform strategy together with CIT and IOT is centered on enabling this to new levels.

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With Dynamics 365 you can start with what you need and grow from there! Just use just the Business Apps you want – so for example you might start with just the Sales App and then when the time is right transition & transform other areas of your business such as Customer Service, or Project Service or Operations.

Each of these apps give you everything you need to solve a specific business need.

And as you add more of these Business applications, they seamlessly integrate with each other and with on-premises systems and data sets you may already have to enable new scenarios that cross business processes.

Only Microsoft can deliver the breadth of these capabilities in the cloud.


Want to know more? Get in touch for a chat and take the first step on the road to digital transformation.

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