Managed Firewall - The First Line of Defence

A secure firewall is one of the most important elements within a network infrastructure.

Without one, any hackers job becomes a lot easier.

With more and more sophisticated threats arriving every day, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the bad guys and you need to do more than install a hardware appliance to maintain a solid security posture.

Whether a company employ’s a dedicated security person or not, there are numerous benefits to having a Managed Firewall.

Here are but a few of them:

24/7 Monitoring and Alerting

As is the case with all Managed IT Service offerings, the benefits of having a network monitored 24/7 are very valuable to a business. This is especially true for a firewall. With PFH’s Custodian Managed Firewall service, a firewall is commissioned and continually monitored to ensure that it is online, up to date, and all alerts are acted on in accordance with pre-defined SLA’s.

This continuous monitoring ensures that network attacks are actioned quickly and the threat of violation is reduced.


Team of certified experts

At PFH we have a team of security experts who continually monitor all firewall activity at our Security Operations Centre. Our Firewall Security Administrators are highly skilled and supported by marketing leading Security Vendors.



Regular reports include detailed information on web traffic, URL, VPN and security activity. Knowing what activity is taking place on a network is incredibly insightful and helps companies understand and appreciate how many breaches are attempted on a monthly basis, as well as where these attacks are coming from, and what vulnerabilities they are trying to exploit.



License renewals and hardware upgrades can be difficult to manage for a busy IT department. With the PFH Custodian Managed Firewall solution, the cost is fixed from month to month so IT managers can manage their IT budget more effectively.

Furthermore, there is no capital investment needed.  At PFH, we provide world class hardware, we configure and deploy the solution and our team of experts monitor and manage it from our Security Operations Centre.


It’s important to note that this is just a quick snapshot of the benefits. For more detailed information regarding our Custodian™ Managed Services, download our eBook.

Want pricing? Why not request a competitive quote here.


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