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Huddle Rooms - the new face of Workplace Collaboration

The modern workplace has changed.

With the adoption to Office 365 and the evolution of lightweight laptops, employees are now more mobile than ever.

Open-plan offices are becoming more common for a versatile group environment.

These open-plan spaces might meet some of the changing demands of today’s employees but they also present a challenge as the amount of meeting rooms is reduced.

The solution ... huddle rooms.


Huddle rooms are the new face of workplace collaboration.

Organisations traditionally focused on designing one extravagant boardroom packed with the latest technology made to impress new hires and potential clients.

Today, the conferencing trend has shifted towards the creation of multiple small "huddle" rooms

These rooms are often used by groups who want to get together for impromptu and scheduled meetings to collaborate on projects.


Why should an organisation create Huddle Rooms?

Increased Flexibility

Most organisations will have several huddle rooms as opposed to one big conference room.

This increases flexibility within the organisation as employees no longer need to book the meeting room.

If an urgent issue arises, a group can easily use a huddle room without delay.

Intimate Communications

Everyone understand the bore of large company staff meetings – long monologues, heavy eyelids and strained attention spans.

Huddle rooms have been introduced to create a more intimate meeting for smaller groups.

Not only does this make each person in the group more involved in the meeting, it also keeps people on task and more attentive.

Cost Effective

I know what you’re thinking… how can kitting out five ‘huddle rooms’ be more cost effective than to do the same with one conference room.

Typically installing hardware into a conference room can cost in the region of €5,000.00.

It’s expensive. The reason being that it is considered that it will spend its lifetime in the same room. Organisations are more likely to purchase expensive video-conferencing devices if their lifetime will be in one room.

But, Huddle Rooms need more agile systems to adapt to the modern workplace.

Logitech have created ‘Logitech CONNECT’, a video-conferencing device optimised for Huddle Rooms.

The design envisions a ‘grab-and-go’ culture where employees collect the device as they are heading into a meeting. Its simple layout means connection occurs within seconds of it being powered on.

It is also priced competitively which enables organisations to purchase several of the devices rather than purchasing one video conferencing system for one room.


At ITQuickQuotes.ie, we have several strategic partnerships with Unified Communication vendors such as Unify, Polycom, Logitech and several more.

This gives us clear visibility of market trends and options to present to our customers. The past twelve months have revealed that Huddle Rooms are becoming more and more popular.

Why not make contact with us to discuss your needs and our experts can advise you on the next steps.




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