Aston Martin relies on Lenovo to create legendary cars

Aston Martin. A UK icon. A brand with high standards to maintain.

Its visual signatures are so essential to the brand and so widely recognised that the idea of altering them feels like sacrilege. Yet despite their familiarity, the elements that make up the foundations of every Aston Martin have changed constantly over the past six decades, reflecting changes in design, aerodynamics, materials and craftsmanship, all without losing the fundamental elements that make an Aston Martin what it is.


The power of Technology plays a huge role in ensuring that every element of a car is meticulously designed and produced.

Aston Martin’s commitments to making some of the best cars in the world are to be admired. The car brand is famous for its high standard of excellence as it is for being James Bond’s car of choice. There is a certain privilege that comes with sitting in an Aston Martin, and if there’s ever a time this may happen – Lenovo can be thanked for the exquisite engineering involved in the design.


Power and mobility are integral to success, from the initial design to post-production. For example in Aston Martin’s engineering department, the need to work on 3D modelling, refer to test results in environments from a wind tunnel to a test track, or analyse large simulation results means the team requires performance, mobility and reliability in equal measure.

As more data becomes available, emerging technologies are starting to play a larger role in the design and production of the next generation of vehicles. The requirement to support and enable this potential is becoming ever more important.

Using machine learning to unearth trends that push Aston Martin to the next level requires hardware with the specs to deliver without sacrificing mobility. Finding a solution to meet these challenges has been one of Aston Martin’s top goals. The company has relied on the Performance and reliability of Lenovo workstation for years, and now the ThinkPad P1 allows that performance to be taken to new places and heights.


Aston Martin director of IT and innovation, Neil Jarvis, says “Whether it’s our creative team benefits from the professional graphics and stunning display or our executive team looking for an ultra-thin and light system with a touch of style, the ThinkPad P1 is the right fit for a variety of users across our company”.

With Aston Martin recently revealing new details of its first electric car, the Rapide E, and having unveiled the Lagonda Vision concept with a potential of Level 4, the company’s need for the power and mobility from its technology solutions is only likely to increase. For Aston Martin, the ThinkPad P1 represents not only an opportunity to increase productivity, but also to work with a high quality and performing product within a fast-paced environment.



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