4 Benefits of Managed Antivirus

An unfortunate truth about many businesses today is that they believe “it” can’t happen to them.

What is “it” you ask? “It” is data breaches. “It” is device hacks. “It” is malware and “It” is viruses.

A common misconception among many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) is that their businesses aren’t at risk simply due to their size.

But, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Organisations no matter how big or small need to ensure their security posture is fit for purpose.

It is now a matter of when – not if – a breach will occur.

The approach must be one of “Assumption of breach”…. In other words, just take it for granted that you system is compromised and work from there.

This blog aims to highlight the benefits of having a Managed Antivirus solution over traditional antivirus software.


Managed Antivirus Solutions offer many benefits over traditional antivirus deployments which can leave too much to chance. Here’s a look at why businesses stand to gain a lot by implementing a PFH Managed Antivirus Solution.


1. Control of all systems

Unlike subscription based antivirus software where the end user assumes the solution is doing its job, a managed antivirus solution is implemented and monitored by our team of experts.

With many un-managed alternatives, the end-user is free to shut off, uninstall and override the antivirus solution exposing your systems to a range of possible attacks. Sometime without the knowledge of the IT Manager.

A PFH Managed Solution however, prevents this by prompting for a username and password which has pre-defined authorisation levels.


2. Centralized solution for swift response

With many businesses operating across multiple locations, a technology team often has to centrally coordinate and ensure security of IT systems across geographies.

Managed Antivirus solutions in addition to offering strong support, also help to give one centralised view of the organization and its IT assets. Any intrusions are instantly escalated, giving the organization a chance to respond and limit damage.

With the support of the PFH helpdesk team who are trained in identifying and handling intrusions, you will be able to isolate the virus quickly and restore security to your network.


3. Daily Monitoring and Management

Most Anti-Virus products operate from regular updates on virus identification. Yet, you may find many of the devices in your organisation do not sometimes receive these updates. It can lull you into a false sense of security, since you work with the assumption that you have your bases covered with the Anti-Virus software installed. Daily monitoring and management should be put in place for it to be truly effective.

A PFH Managed Anti-Virus solution avoids the need for you to do this extra work by ensuring best practices are followed and a robust system of checks & controls including weekly deep scans and daily quick scans are in place.

Furthermore, PFH use security applications that are proactive and ensure an additional layer of protection against any type of unknown malware, targeted attacks and internet threats.

Critical applications are monitored by PFH security specialists to give you and your organisation peace of mind that your network and devices are protected.


4. Reduce Operating Costs

An unexpected (but expected) security incident like a Virus infection or a trojan horse will adversely affect productivity.

In the past, this has cost companies time and money as they try to recover as quickly as possible to return to their normal level of service.

A virus will potentially disrupt business for weeks before the situation is resolved.

Removing this risk will ensure you maintain your usual quality of service to clients and do a lot to protect your reputation.


There are many advantages to using a PFH Managed Anti-Virus solution.

For organisations with more than a handful computers it can be a solution that will help better protect the network and make it easier to control.

For more detailed information regarding our Custodian™ Managed Services, download our eBook.

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