Private Clouds

Adopt a step-by-step approach to the Private Cloud and reduce your costs - as well as reducing any concerns you may have about risks, service levels or functionality.

The concept of "Cloud"
"Cloud" means a lot of different things to different people. Cloud Computing is more than just the latest buzzword - it is a real and proven way of significantly reducing your cost base by managing your technology needs in a more effective manner. 

PFH's Experience Centre in Sandyford, Dublin provides experiential learning for the current generation of business leaders to see for themselves the practical benefits and applications of a range of new technologies which can help transform how their organisations are run and help them plan their journey into the Cloud. 

Identify the right strategy for you. 
If you would like a PFH consultant to demonstrate private cloud technology at our Experience Centre and see how the capabilities can work for you - to develop in-house private or public cloud solutions to meet your demand - then simply call us on 1850 734 100 to arrange a complimentary visit.