Communications & Collaboration

Your organisation can be transformed with technologies that enhance not alone your internal communications between employees but also your communications with your customers.

Better, Faster, Smarter. Communication for the open minded 
Our Unified Communication & Collaboration approach illustrates how we are uniquely empowered and capable of converging voice, IT and mobile communications. In a nutshell it is the unification of all relevant business communications, whether it is real time (e.g. voice, video or instant messaging) or non-real time (e.g. voice mail, email or fax) into a simple seamless experience

To what end?
Open Communications allows you to unify information and user experiences across enterprise and public networks, both fixed and wireless to create a consistent voice and data environment.

Open Communications is guided by seven technical principles:

  • Unified Communications
  • Open IT-based Communications
  • Fixed Mobile Convenience
  • Business Process Integration
  • Rich User Experience
  • Deployment Choices
  • Business Continuity and Integrity

The benefits.
PFH offers end-to-end solutions, which means we deliver, install and deploy the equipment and then we provide training and mainteneance to ensure the solution provides the maximum benefits for you and your organisation.  Let us enhance your personal productivity tools through the integration of an all-embracing solution. The benefits for you include:

  • Cost reduction
  • Performance enhancement
  • Improved work-life balance
  • Environmental

Contact us to discuss your communications and collaboration needs and discuss how a review of your wider infrastructure solutions and our technologies and unparalled expertise can provide you with enhanced business benefits.