Technology Experience Centre

PFH offers you the opportunity to visit and test the technologies at our unique Technology Experience Centre at our HQ in Sandyford, in Dublin. A truly invaluable resource for organisations, the Experience Centre enables you to view and experience, first-hand and in practical terms, all major Enterprise Storage, Server and Software Technologies in one purpose built location.

Major Investment in your Future
This investment of over €1.2m (2011) exclusively demonstrates a multi-site environment within our facility. By recreating authentic situations, we can provide proof  of concept and demonstrate to you that our proposed end-to-end solution will be successful in your own          specific environment.

Designed to take the risk out of your next investment, the Experience Centre facility offers you a unique opportunity to evaluate and come into contact with your technology options before investing. Skilled and qualified consultants are on hand to take you through a diverse portfolio of solutions including HP, Citrix, Microsoft and VMware in particular, while empowering you with the knowledge to make the right decision for your business.

You are welcome to visit us to understand how we work and how we can partner with you to ensure the most appropriate solution for you now and into the future.

Please contact us to arrange a complimenatary visit.

T: 1890 734 100