Video Conferencing

As a leading partner of Unify, Microsoft and Polycom, PFH Technology is best placed to help your organisation whether you want desk to desk, desk to room or room to room based Video Conferencing solutions.

With our technology partners and PFH engineering skills we offer unified collaboration solutions that integrates presence-based real-time IM, voice, video and data collaboration. This includes Polycom's offering of a range of tabletop conferencing devices that deliver voice and video communications that are seamlessly integrated with both Unify and Microsoft unified communications solutions.

For larger organisations looking to adopt Video Conferencing we work with Polycom to provide multi-point bridging solutions.

Until recently, owning and operating a multipoint video bridge (commonly referred to as an MCU) was too expensive and too technically complex for most organizations. Today, deploying a video MCU is extremly cost effective, easier to deploy and manage. And often takes advantage of an organization’s existing IP network.

Companies both large and small can benefit from video bridges designed specifically to meet their needs, from simple IP-only networks that are low-cost and focus on ease of use, to large, complex “unified” networks (voice,video, data over IP/ISDN/PSTN).

These larger video networks may require not only basic bridging, gateway and gatekeeper functionality, but other functions such as seamless interoperability with legacy equipment, full redundancy, firewall traversal solutions, high
levels of security and sophisticated management and scheduling tools, to name a few.

Choosing the right conference network infrastructure products is an important first step towards building a reliable and high quality video conference network, with the video conference bridge providing the core of the conference network.

We work with our customers and partners to deliver the right solution for your organisation.