Staff Co-sourcing

Businesses need to make effective economic choices. Our co-sourcing solution is based on over twenty-five years of experience in meeting the needs of public and private sector customers.

With the continuing shortage of qualified professionals and the on-going war for talent it's important that you have access to the best candidates.

PFH overcomes the difficulties experienced by companies who are trying to find, retain, train and motivate IT staff. If you're having problems sourcing staff or you've experience difficulties using agency staff and need more qualified candidates PFH can help. We provide appropriately qualified, competent staff quickly. We work on bespoke solutions in staffing and competence to meet your requirements. You get access to a skilled pool of IT professionals, and can choose people based upon the necessary skills to meet your business needs.

Call us for details on:

  • Managed Helpdesks
  • Senior IT Consultants
  • Short-term Contracts 
  • Holiday Cover
  • Training

Use a co-sourcing approach to connect technology and business requirements and deliver effective results for your organisation. Read our abbreviated white paper (on right) for some pointers.