Welcome to your PFH Online Customer Service Facility for Customers requiring remote assistance.

GoToAssist™ provides you with secure live-support capability. With your permission we can easily view and control your computers online to  resolve any technical issues you might have on the spot. This reduces travel time and lowers your support costs.

When it is required to carry out a repair, PFH apply a three-step approach:

  • Identify the problem and determine the best course of action, be it remote support, immediate dispatch of an on-site engineer, immediate escalation
  • Work on the problem and determine how to fix it with software, hardware; carry out the repair and test.
  • Review the solution and ensure it is correct and meets your needs.

Our incident management system allows us to dispatch via PDA to our mobile engineers which are located nationwide. With electronic dispatch the engineers is armed with up-to-date information on the call and changes occurring that needs to be relayed to them. The system allows tracking, is incident driven, auditable, remote and instant with electronic capture of signature for compliance.

With the cloud based incident management system in place with PFH you can login on a secure id and manage your incident on-line.