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Managed Print Services

PFH works exclusively with HP Imaging & Printing Group to help our customers. As well as reducing the total cost associated with hard copy printing we also make your image management process more secure and efficient. This includes integration into collaboration technologies such as Microsoft Sharepoint.

Are you really 'managing' your print?
Print-related costs are the most undermanaged segment in today’s office environment.  PFH can provide you with a print management solution that improves asset utilisation, increases operational efficiencies and, most importantly, reduces your costs.

We design our print management solutions to your specific requirements and we work with you to perform operational, tactical and strategic reviews of your company’s current printing environment. We work exclusively with HP, the market leading laser printer brand for over 20 years..

Your options
PFH can integrate print management solutions in two ways, either by supporting your team in managing your printing processes or by managing it for you, leaving you more time for other activities.

We can advise your team on how to more efficiently use your existing equipment and integrate new equipment to improve efficiencies and lower overall print costs. If you prefer, PFH can manage the entire print process for you. We can assess the correct number of printers you need for your environment, install tools to monitor performance and manage your use of consumables such as paper and ink, reducing your overall printing costs and allowing you to focus on critical ICT systems.

We provide you with a “proactive” rather than “reactive” approach in the management of print devices and processes. Not only can we produce recommendations, but we can also ease your workload by assisting in the procurement, installation, management, service and disposal of your print devices, resulting in lower overall printing costs.

What we do - based upon HP solutions

  • Print device provision
  • Consumable management
  • Service management
  • Capacity Management


  • Reduced printing costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Simple cost model
  • Expert print estate management
  • Capacity Management