Why PFH Cloud Services?

The challenge for private and public organisations is to achieve better, more cost-effective support 24/7. That's where managed services provides the answer, offering better control of your ICT resources at lower costs.

Clouds are on the horizon for many organisations. In fact if we believe Gartner's 2011 CIO Agenda survey, over 40% of CIOs will run most of their IT operations in the cloud by 2015.

Business Challenge
ICT departments are faced with cutting operational costs without impacting operational performance.

Business Solution
By recognising the capability to transfer standardised ICT functions that are not a core competency to PFH your organisation can realise cost-effective service management while remaining in control of your strategic ICT.

PFH's Custodian™ ICT Managed Services deliver upfront cost-savings. Importantly, our Custodian™ services also provide on-going benefits and value throughout the contract period. 

Avoid adding overhead and margin to your labour costs  by moving to Custodian™ ICT Managed Services. You get all the benefits of PFH's commitment to delivering an "outcome" at a defined price. In essence you get value, because our pricing is tied into the "outcome". You also gets PFH's service commitment - on a 24/7 basis.

Clear Benefits

  • Predictable low prices
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Less risk
  • Performance metrics

Once you understand and appreciate the clear value of managed services as a winning formula for your organisation; Why choose PFH's Custodian™ as the best solution?

PFH has taken a leading edge approach to managed services in Ireland with proven system management expertise and with a wide skill and consulting expertise in key data centre technologies. With PFH you get a bespoke solution. Our market leading, track record in service provision and  established practices to ITIL standards and ISO certification provide you with enhanced service delivery. Importantly our vendor independence and multi-vendor support means you also get the solution that's right for you - not the one that's most convenient for your ICT partner. As Ireland's largest and leading ICT provider PFH has the national infrastructure to deal with capacity and scalability requirements for all of your organisations requirements.

Benefits of PFH's Custodian™ ICT Cloud Services:

Deliver Cost Reduction
You get to take advantage of shared PFH resources, expert systems and standardised processes for increased results at reduced costs

Risk Mitigation
PFH offer guaranteed outcomes at predictable costs for all core services

Skilled Resources & Scalability
At PFH we offer the largest diverse in-house pool of expertise in Ireland which means you get access to a combined resource pool of over 150 technical experts in data centre, client, support and management systems.